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Portable Air Conditioner

I've been reading some threads on air conditioning and was originally leaning towards 1 or 2 units in the escape hatches but then I read about some people using portable ac units. With the portable you can just cool the area you're staying in at the moment. Also since we're only using our Skoolie for cross country travel/vacation and not long term living I like being able to take the AC unit out and use it elsewhere if needed. If we went this route then I think I would put fans in the ceiling instead of ac.

That being said, does anyone else use portable ac units and what's been your experience? What's the power draw like on these? I haven't gotten to the electrical stage yet but I imagine this might draw more power than 1-2 roof units.

Also, coincidentally, I just got an email this morning about a woot deal for a refurbished portable unit:
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For the amount of cooling you get, the single hose portable are about the least efficient AC you can buy.

The two hose are slightly better.

A decent window air or RV roof air will be more efficient.

I have a couple of them and I would not consider one for permanent installation.

IMHO: Mini splits are not that much more expensive and will cool better, use less energy, run off of a smaller generator or solar system.

I saw somewhere a gent that was running 20k Btu of mini split on a Champion 3100 generator. He did say that, if he wanted to run both, he had to start the 12k Btu, wait a few minutes then start the 8k Btu.
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I had a portable just to cool my bedroom in my house (12ft x 14ft) & found their very noisy run & cycle constantly trying to keep up, My opinion you'll be very disappointed
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SINGLE hose portables are JUNK... DUAL hose portables are much better.. I have a vasriable speed portable (expensive) and in the bus its Ok for cooling at night.. but it struggles in any kind of real heat..

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We tried to use a portable ac just for an upstairs bathroom at a buddys place. Thing was worthless.
Roll Your Own Build Thread
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I tried one of those last year and even putting it right next to the bed as I lay on it was useless. I'm definitely going to install a mini split before the end of the month before we go to Texas.

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That is the same unit I have in my bus right now - it is not all that bad... a little on the louder side - but actually does well at keeping the bus at a reasonable temperature.
I had to run a drain line out - because it collects a lot of water down here in Florida - and would shut off every 4 hours or so to be emptied.
Aside form that - it is not bad. Draws about 950W when cooling - but levels out about 250W when it just runs the fan (about 1500 to start). It also has a dehumidifier - which is helps.
In the heat of the day - with full sun - it struggles to keep the bus at about 90 degrees - but it does not feel overly hot- and if you sit across from it - it is fine (I have my desk across from it - so I can work in the bus during the day).
If there is not direct sun - or with good insulation / window covers - it is not a bad choice. I can run off the generator when I am going to the store and it keeps my dog cool.
Overall, I am not disappointed with the LG 10K but portable AC - but I would like to get a nice mini-split unit installed at some point - this was a good quick fix... I am still researching mini-split units.
- Roger (Dog.Rescuer)
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we have 9000btu single hose portable mounted in the front half of our bus, it works ok and runs off the generator , we just got back from a 2 week trip and used it a lot, it worked ok, in the back of the bus we have a 6000 window unit, it works greats.
my bus build viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5931
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that Climax inverter 2 hose portable i use.. does OK.. and it doesnt make water.. it slings the water onto the condensor coils which helps cool them down and creates a colder evap temp.. so that unit seems to work better in humid conditions than in dry..

I only use it while parked.. I have 65,000 BTU of real A/C blowing for when im driving..
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Sorry to sound ignorantů but what is a mini-split? I thought about installing a regular AC unit in one of my rear windows, but like to know what else is out there.
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