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Rearview/Backup Camera Feed/Proximity Sensors

To keep myself busy between farm work and daydreaming about reuniting with my bus, I have been messing around with an Arduino, some ultra sonic sensors, and a small solar array. Last year, I was buying oil or something at wally world and I stumbled across a Back-up Video Camera Installation Kit for automobiles. I thought it might be a neat project for the bus, whether I build one from scratch or use one out of a box. Now, I've been experimenting with ultrasonic sensors and realized I can program a system to set off an alarm when I am about to back into something. Basically, with Arduinos and Raspberry Pi's out now, there is a whole bunch of cool stuff that we can make to modify our rigs! So, do I want to try making one of these setups myself or buy some prefab equipment out of a box? What would be more fun, cost less, and/or be more reliable? I don't know, I have never had a back up camera or proximity alert system. Do you? Anybody had something like that, that would like to review or comment on it? I might just make one for the sake of doing a tutorial on here, we'll see. Tell me about your set up, camera or "warning, warning, you are about to back into your mailbox, again!" Cheers!
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ive never messed with arduino or rasberry pi, but i have a friend that's big into them. sure fun things to design and play around with.

his message of the system is that it can do anything, just not very well.

you can find back systems in a lot of price ranges from that walmart one on up. i'd go with a finished system.
Turfmobile Build Thread
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I use the PI's foir all kinds of cool stuff.. I never went the direction of arduino.. I built my own boards using a ATMEL based chip from these chips had everythign I need on board .. the main boards I buolt are sub-controllers for the HVAC system in my house.. they talk the special language of my A/C units and concentrate the data into my main controller where it is thenm controllable from my Home automation system...

the Arduino is more flexible than the PI for base electronics projects as you have access to more pins and functions.. the PI GPIO is not nearly are flexible.. However the PI is an excellent candidate for the UI portion of your project... sensors can connect to an arduino and then communicate with a PI where the PI handles your user interface.. write a nice QT gui and you are set...

I love building and playing with this stuff... a partially Glass cockpit is part of what my Bus project will become... namely the driver console switch panels will all be glass when done... likely using a PI and touchscreens as the UI for it.. and on the back-end more likely some custom boards I put together.. though tere are more and more pre-made boards for the PI, I may look into some of those..

oh and the sutff I hsve built with my micro controllers and PI's works quite well... it all comes down to whether you want to tinkler and hack something together that like the post above works but not well.. or whether you spend the time asnd effort asnd engineer a system... I take the latter approach and as a result the stuff using the above mentioned boards works very well!..

my Zbasic HVAC sub controllers have been in servce 7 years now and still going.. I rthink I reboot them on average once every 2 years.. show me a windows computer that can do that... the PI which is a MID controller has been in service 3 years now... I rebooted it twice now I think... both times to perform security updates..

I say build away and enjoy the fun of making it yourself and learning rather than just go buy one off the shelf..

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