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But now it's not secret anymore, you need a new spot!ARRGH

Originally Posted by The-Breeze View Post
Our secret compartment is located behind the "entertainment center"
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Nobody reads this forum i don't know what you are talking about.
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Actually aaron, have you already forgotten "without pictures it didn't happen"

as promised>>>>>

These are pictures of the entertainment center that I discussed in my last post.
I lost the picture I took of the front somewhere in my PC or on Photobucket. When it shows up I'll post it
This shows some of the recycled wood I saved from our antique wardrobe. I sanded it down (without a mask inside the bus....landed me in the ER a few days later) Note to self...wear mask & do all sanding outside. I applied about 3 coats of poly with light sanding in between may add more layers once I can find the top again LOL
This is the tall narrow cabinet that I measured and saw that the empty space on the wheel well cover was just waiting for me to cut in half & install. I took one half & faced it towards the front of the cabinet & the other half facing the side. This is showing how it is removable & easy to take out.

This shows it completely out & the deep absyss now available to fill up with some very special "stuffs" that we just know has to come with us on our journey

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cleaver, I see what you did there.
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This is the Single aft Couch Arm I built with a secret box for my Pistole...ImageUploadedByTapatalk1442546443.299586.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1442546464.284618.jpg
Safety Liner MVP
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Sick man.

"Don't argue with stupid people. They will just drag you down to their level, and beat you up with experience."

Patently waiting for the apocalypses to level the playing field in this physiological game of life commonly known as Civilization
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Nice couch hidey spot.
Although the finger hole and topside hinges are a dead give away something is below it. I am guessing you leave a tv guide or something easily tossed away on top of it.

One thing I know to be true, if something is hard to use/ access, no matter how well it does its job, you won't use it.
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When taking up the old plywood floor in my daughter's E350 based bus, I found out there is a fully formed low spot on the passenger's side, right where your typical van side door would go. It's a perfect little spot to create a hidey hole I think.
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what a great thread. as i need my secret spots as well.
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My dad taught me long ago that cops can do what ever they want. you can refuse the search and they will find a reason to search you anyways. Any cop with half a brain will know at least a dozen legal loop holes or ways of legally searching your rig. The difference might be if they tear your rig up in the process. As for secret compartments... the easiest would be to hide the opening in the trim work. I have a master bedroom set with tons of secret compartments. i never even knew until the salesman started opening them all up. Most modern furniture has a pretty outer shell with draws but often times it has lots of dead space between or on the sides of draws. You just have to make it so the trim piece between the upper and lower draw will open or the side trim piece next to the draw. even a 2" X 5" X 10" compartment is enough space to hide a gun, cash, etc.....
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