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Darn, I thought this was going to be about secret compartments.

Originally Posted by nat_ster View Post
All your doing is supplying the criminal with a weapon.

That weapon will be used on you, your loved ones, and everyone around you.

The issue is, 99% of people can't pull the trigger. From there the attacker takes the weapon.
BS, way too many people act irrational under stress and pull the trigger when it is uncalled for. Which sucks if it's your wife returning late.

Not arguing your message, guns get stolen all the time, but the issues with firearms for self defence in a home environment are rarely related to genuine self defence situations.

Originally Posted by nat_ster View Post
I have seen this over and over again in real life. I can tell right away when someone sticks a gun in my face by the look in their eyes if they can pull the trigger of not. 99% on this continent simply can't.
Again, BS. Only a real moron will get that close to you with a loaded gun. Always keep a distance, first thing they teach you.

The real problem are all the people who pull the trigger too soon. If most people treated guns with the same respect they give live hand grenades there wouldn't be many gun accidents. Hand grenades are scary.

Personally I don't trust my judgement around lethal force, so I save aiming at people for the ruskies. It's a whole lot less legal trouble.
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How about this site for some ideas.
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This Thread has gotten way side tracked

Today is Veterans Day...remember what it means to this country to have the honor of our fighting Men and Women

It is also Remembrance Day, north of us....

Nat your beliefs on gun issues due to all the time you spent overseas and using your rifle everyday is fine, that is your views

and on that note what is this 4-1/2 years of trigger experience you speak of?

I personally have 2 tours overseas, and plenty of trigger time behind various weapons systems (M16a2,B92f, BHP,240mg,AK47 etc), I even Took out a T54/55 at 3890m with a 120mm APFSDS and I dont push people to buy guns if they don't want them, I fully support them if they want them

There are a lot of Veterans on here also, keep that in mind

If people want guns around it should be their choice NOT someone elses

As far as hidden spots, they remain hidden

I have plenty of them...gotta keep the gummi bears safe

and why do you have so many instances of having a gun shoved in your face

Situational awareness is key to not needing to use a EDC weapon

if your in the hood...hood stuff will happen

in the ghetto?...ghetto stuff will happen

stay away from the sewer and you will smell better

NOW back to regular programming


it has been brought to my attention speaking of firearms is against the site rules

Fair Warning: Discussions about politics, religion and weaponry will be closed or removed.

I will be locking this and we are all bad, line up

Our build La Tortuga
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
George S. Patton
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