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Re: Skoolies on fire!

Originally Posted by bansil
So make sure you have them and know how to usethem to get out the event of a fire*** the ride as long as everyone gets out and is safe
That's it in a nutshell bansil!
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Re: Skoolies on fire!

Talk to guys in the fire suppression business. The kind that do installations in kitchens, buildings, offroad equipment etc. They should be able to fix you up with an on board fire suppression system. There are various detections systems out there. I am gathering pieces for my bus all the time. I have the back half of my fridge sealed off from the interior and will have a dry chem nozzle there. Also planning to have a seperate system to cover my engine and trans area. Not hard to set up. Best part is the system will activate before you even realize you have a fire. System can use thermal sensors or infrared sensors that actually see the fire or a combination of the two. these systems can be set up to shut off your propane when they activate and/or shutdown your engine etc. Check out some of the bus yards, Ive seen suppression systems on city buses. Im installing it as I go, once my conversion is done, you wont know that there is a system in place. An offroad system would likely make the most sense for a bus, using its own battery power it is toally stand alone from everything else in your bus. By offroad, I mean the type of equipment used offroad like loaders, haul trucks, excavators etc.
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Re: Skoolies on fire!

Originally Posted by bansil
At a recent race (ecors) I was there as a rig caught on fire after a hard roll(trans fluid on header)as we ran up (two folks helping driver out) I went to grab ext. Mounted on back of cage pass side...I pulled the obviuos release pin(studied mount as I was running)...ext wouldn't release...WTF?.....I pulled twice when driver said "its zip tie'd underneath"...I whipped out my knife and cut it off.
He was afraid of "losing" the xt. So he made sure it couldn't "fall" off
So make sure they are visible and easily regonised as releasable with a simple pin pull...I still have to mountmine securly.....I'm using factory plastic mounte which suck azz....atleast I have them.
So make sure you have them and know how to usethem to get out the event of a fire*** the ride as long as everyone gets out and is safe
When securing an extinguisher to a rollcage, I did so by using the stock tended to fall off when bumped (which was basically every time I loaded stuff into the damn car), so I glued a decent-sized magnet to the extinguisher. No more falling off, and releases with a simple pull.
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Re: Skoolies on fire!

Originally Posted by richlindquist
Skoolie on fire.. all kids safe.
I know we have metal instead of plywood and fiberglass but I have to wonder, as we put more and more carpet, cabinets and bedding in our Skoolies, are we risking fires similar to this? Pay attention to when the propane tanks vent.

Please share your fire and/or crash preparation and exit plans. On your side and in flames is not the time to start thinking about it.

Check out this ABC News video about certain Thomas/Freightliner school buses. The "skoolie on fire...all kids safe" YouTube video is one of the buses in question. The fires originate in the electrical system.

My gf doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting through the emergency exit bathroom (rear) window of my Winnie Class C. Because of the layout, an unlikely place to get trapped, but still possible. Since skoolies already have a usable door back there, one might as well keep it, as others here have already mentioned in this topic. That door probably saved lives in the above video.
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