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Subject to police search?

I am going to sign up for the national gaurd soon and with my signing bonus I think I will buy a 6x6 military truck or a school bus. But if it is going to be the school bus there is an important condition to be met.

I plan to put couches, sound system and a television as well as refrigeration for beverages. Many of my friends and myself are still under 21, I would like a way for us to party on the road without anyone getting a DUI. My plan is to build a "bulkhead" , like a plywood wall between the drivers area and the rest of the bus with a lockable door. Then one or two person would be designated drivers so we could party or go to concerts etc. My question is, if a policeman saw my fun wagon and pulled me over do you think he would insist on seeing the passenger area? What I have always understood is I could firmly state that "I do not consent to any unwarranted searches" but I don't know if this would work when people are barricaded in the back of a bus. Basically I don't want to get a bus if all of my friends are going to end up cited for underage drinking since the whole point is to keep everyone out of trouble.

Please don't take this as some sort of criminal plot, I am trying to have a good time without anyone getting a DUI. What do you guys think? I see lots of motorhome conversions here, anyone have experience with a party on wheels?
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Re: Subject to police search?

Check Kansas law...maybe ask a cop. MOST states allow alcohol in a motorhome as long as it's not in the driver's reach.
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Re: Subject to police search?

if it is your primary residence they need a search warrent
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Re: Subject to police search?

Originally Posted by Smitty
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. A cop is gonna do whatever he wants, all he needs is probable cause. If what you've posted is your sole reason for getting a bus, don't because it's going to be nothing but trouble for you. If you want to "party" underage, do it at someone's house, not on the road.

Agreed, likely a great plan to be in the running for a Darwin award.
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Re: Subject to police search?

Originally Posted by Stuff
if it is your primary residence they need a search warrent
Not all states recognize an RV as a home, even for full-timers. And the side of the road is NOT the place to argue law with a cop. As for underage drinking... you will be in trouble for that whether you are at home or in the bus. Under age drinking is illegal. If a cop sees underage drinking he has the right to search your vehicle. That means it can be torn apart on the side of the road and you can spend your time putting everything back in place. That is IF he doesn't find recreational drugs on some of your underage friends (shades of Cheech & Chong's Pedro's Request/Framed... "That wasn't even my stuff, I was just holding it for a friend"). Personally, I think if you can join the military and die for your country, then you can be an idiot and get stinking drunk. I do think the drinking laws in this country need to be changed to where if you have a military ID then you can get stinking drunk if you so desire. But that is the only exception. But I also think drunks are immature, moronic jerks and prefer that they stay far, far away from me. I don't have to deal with the alcoholics in my family and I don't see why I should have to put up with the fools that aren't related to me.

This post is my opinion. It is not intended to influence anyone's judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose.
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Re: Subject to police search?

alrighty guys, deuce and a half it is
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Re: Subject to police search?

Why dont you save your money...go to college...and study Constitutional law. After questions like this and a stint in the military, you will want to.
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Re: Subject to police search?

A skoolie will not answer your issue. To break the law in any context will only bring you more pain and troubles than you need or desire. We live in world of personal choice, if you did this you would put many under-aged in harms-way as well as you yourself would become liable. Your just asking for a mess man, the last thing you need is to get into trouble while your in the military.(consequences are much more severe)

Youth is a gift, be wise and make the most of your time, it will disappear before you know it. The last thing you need is jail time to waste your prime years of health and vitality.
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Re: Subject to police search?

Redleg, If you go with the party bus idea, you can count on a search, concidering your proposed scenario. Locking yourself away from the "party" will not save you from a problem if the drinkers are underage. Search warrant? Not needed. You can call it your home or whatever, but your in a licenced motor vehicle, moving down the road. The Officer can also ask everyone to step out of the vehicle to check ID's. You can refuse a search of your vehicle. At that point you can be held until a K9 unit has arrived and done a walk around and either cleared you or taken a hit, at which point there is probable cause for a search. AND that probable cause could be determined by the LEO at the point of pulling you over. Point is, your asking for trouble. If everyone drinking was of age it would be different.
If your going to hook up with the Armed forces, I will thank you for your service in advance. If your enlisted and willing to give your life for our country you should be able to "tie one on" legally, no matter the age. But until that's the case, just save yourself some heartache and try to abide with the drink'in laws.

Just DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE - especially a 15,000+ lbs. brick on wheels
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Re: Subject to police search?

jesus. all you guys act like youve never had some beers with the guys before you were 21. My and my friends drink on my bus all the time, though never on the road and certainty not while driving. Everybody drinks under 21, its only the idots that crash and do stupid stuff. think back to your highschool years, we all drank. and the whole not being able to legally drink if your in the military is straight bullshit. By a bus luke, its so much fun. countless nights me and my buds have been sittin around with nothing to do, so we just say "lets go chill on the bus. best part is you have a place to sleep to if you dont/cant drive home. do it.
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