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Location: Washington state
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Year: 1988
Coachwork: Bluebird
Chassis: Gmc
Engine: 5.7l 350 v8, gmc
Rated Cap: 41 passenger
Cool Updates

Got a referb quadrajet carburetor and high flow air intake coming in the mail this week for my small block 350, can't wait to get it on and see if it makes a difference with power and Highway speed. Also got an electric to manual choke conversion kit I'm guna slap on it.

And! Ordered everything I need for the buses decently sized sound system. So I will finally have bass and good sound for tunes and in modern fashion in an old 86.
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Interesting to hear your enthusiasm. You've got some company on here with other gassers, although I don't remember hearing about a 350. You're kind of on that blurry line between buses and cars, and there are plenty of car builders here.
You'll make an interesting thread with a certain amount of controversy. I'm confused, was there an original thread I can read?
Nobody's Business
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Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Washington state
Posts: 16
Year: 1988
Coachwork: Bluebird
Chassis: Gmc
Engine: 5.7l 350 v8, gmc
Rated Cap: 41 passenger
Not that I know of I'm pretty new on here, just trying to get feed back and show people what I'm doing that's working if it turns out to work. I'm getting heavy into the conversion right now. With a pretty much empty bus canvas.
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Chassis: Ford
Engine: Detroit 8.2
Rated Cap: 60 bodies
Hope you are good at tuning that quadrajunk sorry quadrajet carb. They might say they are preset but they are not and with a high flow air intake the factory settings are worthless anyway. For me I would run the air and idle/mix screws in all the way just a little snug and back them out each 2 full turns and use that as a starting point it might sound good idling and revving in the driveway but take your screw driver with you when you drive it under load to stop and adjust it as you go.
They are a PITA to set up but with a reman. Once you do it will do well for a while.
Just an opinion? I have rebuilt some and would change to a holly or edelbrock if I could afford or had a choice.
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Personally I would update to electronic fuel injection.

Electronics compensate much quicker over a broader spectrum to changes in ambient, altitude, and quality of gas.
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Year: 1984
Engine: 366 Big block Chevy! :) w/ Stick shift
Big block chevy here

And my daily driver truck 1986 GMC Sierra 2500 has a Qudrajet. I tried rebuilding it myself but finally just ordered a remanufactured one from online and she fired up the first key turn. Still running great.

Excited to hear more.
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Engine: DTA360 / MT643
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for mechanical gassers I used edelbrick Q-jet drop ins and they were easy to tune and work great... thats only for non-E carbs...

my 86 bluebird with a 454 in it was an E4MC so that 86 may be also... you dont want to mess too much with the mixture screws in an E4MC.. it is about as close to Throttle-body injection you can get without having to retrofit it...

a properly installed and running E4MC will work quite well.. I got very good at tuning them and even wrote a computer program and built an interface to read the Live ALDL info so i could properly adjust the Timing, TPS, and fix the vacuum leaks so the MAP and Atmospheric sensors worked...

which Q-jet are you running on your 350? if your 350 is stock, drop an RV cam in it and you will find it gives you much better low end torque and still runs nicely on the highway...

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air intake, build, engine, sound system, upgrade

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