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What made you do it?

Going deep into the pages I have seen posts asking it people would do it again, and I have read several other comments on why people converted a bus; but no one ever seemed to ask what made them do it.

And this isn't a one size fits all answer, I have heard many.

1 I couldn't afford anything, so I had to make this work for a place to live.

2 I did it for the the experience with the kids (grandkids)

3 I used to work on this stuff before so I knew I could knock it out.

4 Empty nest syndrome, time to travel.

5 Somehow I convinced myself I needed it for my job or hauler.

6 I am a hippie and repurposing with solar with a composting toliet is my lifes dream. And if I can add a windmill I will have an orgasm

7 I have enough knowledgeable friends with free labor it will work.

8 A new RV is a stupid waste of money, regardless of how much money i have.

9 A bus is safe because it was designed to carry children.

10 I am the creative type that likes the blank canvas after a demo to do as I like.

And there is more. But there do seem to be some running themes. I didn't really put them in order, just they way they come out.

Myself, I am looking at a way to transport 6-8 guys to an event or hunting excursion.

But I would be curious to know what pushed the rest of you over the edge.
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For me it was partly the money but being able to get off the pavement if I wanted to.
I had one for hunting once, these buses will go through a lot. The safety factor was important and to be able to make it the way I want it or should I say the way my wife wants the inside to be
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Having been a Deadhead for a long time, I just can't resist the allure of bus life. Been trying to do this since the mid 90's.

I'm not into keeping up with the Joneses. The plan is to live with minimal expenditures in the bus and rent out the house I own. At least for a while.
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didn't like the motorhomes that where out there, so I built something better, it wasn't a money issue, just a better motorhome. not sure what's going to happen in the future, the insurance company's are making it harder for us. I admit I have been looking at buying a diesel pusher motor home, but I think I would miss our bus to much.
my bus build viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5931
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We're looking to use Heavy as our life raft while we're looking to build our dream home on our dream property. Right now we're looking for (and might have found) our dream property. Almost finished with the demolition phase of the build. Past two days has been careful demo. Of course I forgot the camera each time.... (but NOT today, I'm bringing it with fresh batteries). Each night we've re-evaluated the floor plan. And thanks to ii amnt and FloorPlanner, we've had the opportunity to fine tune the floor plan and save ourselves a BUNCH of headaches. Our basic design is fundamentally there, but we've moved the pantry and frig., added a linen closet (WoHOO), and adjusted the master bedroom door.

As far as what is motivating us, it boils down to money. We hate spending it, love saving it. We've been through three hurricanes since first moving to Texas. Each evacuation we've learned how to make an evacuation less expensive and more comfortable. Heavy will be a disconnect the utilities in ten minutes and get-the-****-out-of-Dodge evacuation vehicle. We have an in-motion satellite internet system ready to install so we can keep up with the changing situation. While everyone else is panicking about where to go, what to take, and how to get there, we're in cool A/C, tooling down the road with a pantry full of food, 100 gallons of diesel, clean clothes, fresh water, a hot/cold shower, HD TVs with all kinds of DVDs to pass the time away, and pillow-top mattresses to give us a good night's sleep. So there's our motivation.

Oh, and this IS our second build. Again, we learned so much from our first build, like our three evacuations.

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Mine will be my retirement home. No property taxes and if I get tired of the neighbors or view...just crank it up and move on.
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I was bored and it looked like something cool to do.
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Originally Posted by Tango View Post
Mine will be my retirement home. No property taxes and if I get tired of the neighbors or view...just crank it up and move on.
Same here thats what we're shooting for.
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I don't know. I guess I'm just stupid.
I'm hungry!

You Gotta Let Me Fly
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i thought i would save money (i didnt)
i thought it would be easy (it wasnt)

i thought i could do better than stick and staple (i did)
i did have a pay as you go payment plan
the bus was fun to build and run

but not sure if i'd do it again
but living in Colorado helps
Turfmobile Build Thread
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