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Re: What the best base to start with??

I think Dan is correct lots of these topics get rehashed on a regular basis. This is an issue with EVERY message board out there not just this one. I don't think many people use the search function of the board but that's ok. I know its a pain in the ass and kind of only perpetuates the problem but I say keep answering the constant questions and move on. The site is about interaction and helping people not file management. Keeping things tidy is a admin issue not a user issue. Only way to have that is make more people admins (which seems that wont happen here) to do such. I think they have a hard enough job with keeping the spam at bay. So to me I say just throw your answer in there and move on. Change what you can.... things you can not... move on.

As Dan said having detailed info on what you want... what you can spend... will help others help you make some of those decisions.
Here is my school bus conversion thread

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Re: What the best base to start with??

Well if you guys can point me in the direction of the older posts where this was covered I would be very appreciative. I have tried to search but there is so many posts I can't find the info I want. Maybe a sticky note ??

As for what I'm looking to do eventually, would be a full blow motor home. Queen size bed in the rear, one set of bunk beds for the kids, full bath (shower and toilet separate) some kind of kitchen and eating area.. Must be able to do highway speeds (70-75 mph), and I'm going to loom for buses with factory AC. Budget is going to be low end..

Has anyone ever done a former city bus rather then a school bus, can they be better jump off points??
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Re: What the best base to start with??

most city buses are low floor and geared for city driving, I personally think anything faster than 60mph in a heavy bus is too me old fashion; whatever

now having excess power for the mountains is something different!

basically decide flat nose or dog nose (they drive different and turn different)

front or rear engine (rear normally has bigger engines and more OTR features like being able to add jakes) they also have a lot of under belly storage options

body names don't mean squat really (except for Crowns and Gillags)

the carpenters that had issues with roof collapses are (or should be) off the road or fixed (I would still not want one tho') and it was only buses manufactured at just 1 plant (I have posted many times how to tell them apart from other buses)

I will not argue the build differences of all the buses out there; they all are built like brick crap houses

so everyone here will have an opinion of what has worked out the best for them...

hope this helps
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Re: What the best base to start with??

If you are looking for something that is closest to an "RV", then rear engine flat nose buses are probably your best bet. That's what I would go with if I were going for a full size bus. The main limitation there is you do not have a rear entry door, or really any easy way to load stuff into the rear from outside. So that pretty much rules out a large garage/shop/storage/cargo area in the rear. Factory AC is not very common in buses I've seen on this site, though I guess you should be looking in the southern states if that is what you want. If you are not going to do a roof raise, and are over 6 feet tall, then a high roof model will be your best bet. Most people prefer diesel buses. Transmission and gearing will determine top speed to a large extent. I'm not sure where to point you in terms of finding discussions of various bus configurations, except to say I've commented on some of those threads - but you probably don't want to search through all my hundreds of posts. Dang, I need to get a life!
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Conversion Thread:
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Re: What the best base to start with??

I think bansil and diesel Dan hit the nails on the heads. Not a lot more you can wring out of the topic than those.

I think you will feel that once you get in a bus and start to chip away at things it will seem like a huge mountain to tackle but over all it will come together if you have a well thought out plan. Collecting parts... finding those "REALLY GOOD DEALS" and being at the right place at the right time is every thing.

I am frustrated with my build right now cause I either have plenty of time and no money or plenty of money and no time. Its a feast or famine deal.

Just get your feet wet. if you don't like it then take it out and re do it.
Here is my school bus conversion thread

Pics of my conversion @ photobucket
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Re: What the best base to start with??

I either have plenty of time and no money or plenty of money and no time
Welcome to the club, that's pretty much the story of my life. Now that I'm retired, I keep finding more things that interest me and take up more time, new projects.
I still don't have any money.
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Re: What the best base to start with??

Originally Posted by nat_ster

Crowns are what everybody on here likes, but they are the hardest to convert, due to their curved everything, and their uni body construction. None of the crowns use the good engines DT366 Cummins 5.9, DT466 or the Cummins 8.3.

I've got the Cummins 8.3 in my Crown, Granted it is a pusher
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Re: What the best base to start with??


I stand corrected.

"Don't argue with stupid people. They will just drag you down to their level, and beat you up with experience."

Patently waiting for the apocalypses to level the playing field in this physiological game of life commonly known as Civilization
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