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Originally Posted by EastCoastCB View Post

While I love the original Dead, I don't partake in the "Co".

Yeah, that does not work here either.
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Year: 1991
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Chassis: T/C 2000 28 foot Handy Bus
Engine: Cummins 5.9 Mechanical
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Originally Posted by bigskypc50 View Post
That list is honestly not totally out of line for a 30 year old rig, as long as there is no major water damage on the body, I would pick up some tools and change that all yourself. If that list is enough to make you get rid of it or scrap it then you are in for a big huge surprise when you start taking care of a diesel bus ($$$) and building it yourself ($$$$).
The vehicle still SCREAMS and makes me cringe any time I highway-drive it.
(4:56 gears and a t-400. Does the term, "WAAAAAAAAAAA" mean anything to you? 3 miles to the gallon is not happening either, thats my reasoning
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I have wanted a skoolie for some time, and when my camper started showing it's age and an old school bus became available it was an easy choice to go with a bus. It was a lot more work, but I now have a great bus that will way out last the old camper. Plus it is built like we like. So yes I can certainly understand and wish you great luck and fun with the build.
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The answer to the first part of your question is obvious :

Your current rig is not right for you, replace it.

It doesn't sound like its particularly highway-capable, makes noise at speed, and gets terrible gas mileage. And that would be true even if it didn't need any work at all. Re-sealing the window won't fix that. Changing the belts won't fix that. Changing the brakes. . .well, if you don't, it will be even MORE fun at highway speeds! All kidding aside, your rig isn't working for you.

$4,000 seven years ago is a pretty darn good deal IMO. That's about $750/year, or a few nights in a hotel - about what it sounds like you got out of it. (That doesn't include the 20 months at the start either.) You got your moneys worth from it, its at the end of its lifespan.

The second part, HOW to replace it. . . is complicated.
Like everyone else says, a skoolie can be a lot of work, it's going to be a project, it will cost you time and money. If you're going to full-time in it, then a skoolie might be the better way to go - since they tend to be a bit more durable, and you can build it whatever way you like.

On the other hand, you got a lot of life buying a pre-built RV - so you know some of the things to watch out for and take care of. There are some decent, newer (this century - 2001 and up) offerings out there around $10-$15k, which seems to be where a lot of people end up with their skoolie builds in the end. (I just bought a 22' Winnebago because I don't have time to do a build, but I have time to travel this fall. I'll eventually get around to a bus, the timing just isn't right now.)

The question I'd ask yourself is if you want to spend time buying a bus, and then building out the bus, or if you'd rather just hand over some cash for a completed rig (skoolie or motorhome.)

Figure out which is important, and which ones you have (time/money/neither/both).
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You paid $4K for that 30+ year old RV 7 years ago.

You made 1-2 trips in each year. Your words.

If you only made 1 trip a year 7 trips into $4K is $571.00 therefore your cost of lodging was $571.00 for each of those 7 trips. If you made more than 7 trips your average cost for lodging would be Less. A LOT LESS!

Yes you can add fuel to that bill however you would still have some fuel cost in whatever you drove on those same trips.

If you walk away from this RV right now and get $0.00 for the it you still did GREAT as you would have spent at least that much and probably much more on lodging for those 7 trips.

Sell the RV, junk it, abandon it, give to the homeless no matter what you do you did GREAT!!!

Time to move on.

Just remember there is No Way In Hell that you will EVER own a Skoolie that will be that CHEAP to own and operate for as little money as you spent owning that 30+ year old RV!!!

Remember "Drive Fast, Turn Heads, Break Hearts"
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Drive anything thatís big and there will be expenses. Tires I just spent $3500 for 6 tires forMy firetruck. Brakes and everything else are part of the package. I
Can only
Imagine the sticker shock if youíve been paying for repairs on the family sedan then jump
I to the big leagues. $11,000 is a lot for a used schoolbus. My auction find was under $5000. But when you get it all done you will have a great rig!
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I have a similar class A Motorhome with aFord 460 for 7 years also. Its retired to being a solar cabin on wheels. It still runs, knock on wood, and I can move it when necessary. Someday Iíll put a cranking battery in it, turn the key, and it wonít start but Iíll cross that bridge later. I put fuel stabilizer in it and hope for the best. And I add a little fresh fuel in the tank very year and drive it around the block. Iím not planning on changing anything. I was told if I drain the radiator every year as just replace whatís in the radiator it will not rot out due to acidity. But I havenít got round to that. Except a coolant flush, brake flush, trans and engine flush, when I got it.
I covered it with solar panels so itís worth more to me as a energy system and crash pad than a traveling vehicle. I bought a smaller class A with a 4 cylinder Isuzu diesel, 15 mpg average, and a aluminum frame. Iím raising the roof on it presently. I hope to do some good traveling with this one. What I donít like is the windshield has a crack.
A travel trailer and pickup is more versatile. Or pickup, cab over camper, and cargo trailer. But the motorhomes are so cheap. I paid 2500 for this diesel.
You could cover it with solar panels.
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