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Where does one KEEP a skoolie?

Both during and after conversion. I live the suburbs, with limited street space. Trailer parks and such are expensive. Do you just move it around town when it's not being worked on?
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Chassis: GMC or Chevrolet, I hope
Engine: gasser probably
Local home depot allows trucks and school buses to park there. That where I have mine.

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I live in a residential neighborhood with an over active HOA. I keep my bus in the back yard. We are allowed to have RVs parked in our yard, so the first thing I did was get it registered as an RV(Motorhome). That way if anyone ever get their panties in a bunch over it, I can show them the title that calls it an RV, by law it is an RV just like the RV in many other yards. They have lost the battle before it starts, the LAW is on my side.
You might check to see if RV parking is legal in your 'hood, if it is, get the title changed and you are good to go.
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Mine is currently at a storage yard - owned by the same fellow I bought it from.
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Mine is in the side yard.
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Mine's in the driveway. Considering it's a 200' driveway, and I don't have an overactive HOA (or busybody neighbors), I've not heard any complaints on it yet
Hey! That's not an RV, that's a school bus.
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I rent space at RV parking.. one covered spot in ohio one open spot in florida for the busses..

my HOA in ohio will nag me after a week or so, though I dont know what would happen now as they nagged me with an email the last time so I blasted their inbox with pictures and house numbers of all the other "violators" according to the letter of the restrictions... a couple of them were police cars.. (no commercial or municpal vehicles can be parked in a driveway or on the street for i think its 3 days per month).. well they never said another word and my bus was there another 4 days before I put it away

U-haul in a lot of towns has resonablty priced 24 hour RV parking.. 'extra space' storage is national / regional and also has reasonably priced spots..

at my apartments in florida i can get away with parking on the street over night befire the oarking gods look at me wierd.. havent gotten a ticket but they arent happy...

a few blocks away is free-for-all street parking in florida where I can park it for several days.. no restriction signs and again i get wierd looks but there they cant touch me..

of course street and storage parking hinder me from doing myself some of the things you all do like paint a bus.. city-life just doesnt lend itself to heavy duty projects like that..

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That won't work where I live. The HOA specifically prohibits trucks and RVs and "anything on a truck chassis". There is a limit on the number of days such a vehicle can be parked in the street. I'd be concerned about leaving a vehicle unattended in any parking lot. That leaves storage facilities which charge a monthly fee. Most of them have rules against working on vehicles while they are there.
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I have mine parked on a friends farm land for free.
In return I manage the property, which is usually just calling the farmer who bails it to tell him he messed up again!
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Beside my house
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