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Re: Who wants to answer a butt-load of questions???

Originally Posted by Smitty curosity has me asking questions So I'll get right to it..... I was also curious about the full-timers, so just combining them into 1 post....I wouldn't want to be called a "post-whore" ya know

Answer only the ones you choose or answer them all.....or answer none of them Give a brief or as detailed answer as your fingers feel like typing. If you're planning to get a bus, currently looking for a bus, already in the process of converting your bus, or your bus is completed 100%, feel free to add your reply.

1- How many full-timers are here (I know there's atleast 2-3)? I'm talking actually living in your bus 24/7/365 (for the most part, or say 300+ days a year)
I've been living in mine for almost 5 years now. It is my primary residence.

2- Did you initially buy & convert your bus with the intention of living in it, or did you kinda morph into living in it (for whatever reason)?
Mine bus purchase was an intentional housing decision. I was going back to school (at 44) for 4 years, and could afford to live in the ghetto or with 4 18-22 year old roommates-- I made a different option.

3- If you initially built it for a weekend warrior (like just camping weekends, or whenever), and have ended-up living in it, what did you find you wish you'd have done differently, or added at the time you converted your bus?
That's not my situation, but I can't think of anything major that I would do differently.

4- Have you made these changes/additions? Or just adapted to living around/without them?
Adding three 130W solar panels now, so that I can live off the grid. They were "down the road" plans when I started. Just added a wood-stove, which also was a "down the road" plan. That didn't turn out exactly as I had planned because I ended up with a larger (but much better) stove than originally planned, but it worked out fine.

Now to the 2nd half of the question......

5- For what specific purpose did you build/are you building your bus for?
Full-time residence.

6- From your final "plans", the ones you said "this is how I will build my bus", much did you end-up deviating from them, if any?
Pretty much,not at all. One thing, however, I intentionally did as little as I could in the way of "built-in" stuff. I left as much of the bus open as possible to give me plenty of usable space. I don't have to sit here or there because I can move some of my seating around (the dinette, however has fixed seating - but it converts to a Full bed.) I had to have a galley, cupboard, and bathroom, and those have some requirements for "built-in-ness," but by putting them over the wheel-humps, and at the sides of the bus, I still have unobstructed vision down my hallway and out the rear door. This means that I can bring a 4x8 sheet of plywood or a 12' long 2x6 into the bus and cut it inside, out of the rain, if I need to.

7- If you changed plans, what were the reasons? (was it an upgrade? structure of the bus left you no choice?)
Just the upgrades mentioned earlier. Oh, I started on a vegetable oil conversion, but I haven't finished that -- the bus runs, and I kinda chickened out on cutting the fuel lines, etc.....

8- What modification would you like to have done, but because you couldn't do it yourself, you just nixed that particular modification?
(I'm not meaning things like "I wanted a $10,000 entertainment system, but couldn't afford it", I'm talking strictly things that you'd have done, had you had the ability).
Probably a 4WD conversion. That's my ultimate goal. No $$ for it now, but in two years, possibly. I think it would be most cost effective to take it to a truck shop and say - put this used 4WD front-end and transfer case in, etc. I don't have the facilities, tools, time, or knowledge for that.'s hard to take your home somewhere and leave it for someone to work on! What do you do, stay with friends because your house is in the shop? I doubt your average truck yard wants someone sleeping on their premises....

Interesting questions!

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Re: Who wants to answer a butt-load of questions???

1. Not yet
2. Yup I did buy with the purpose of living in.
3. I built the bus as a moving device but with the intent of making it into a shelter for my family “if”.
4. Na
5. I am building the bus for a shelter, and for the giggles of it. I love being creative and I love sticking it to the man and I didn’t want to throw away 2,800 to a “uhaul”. Plus there are so many possibilities for the future for my family we are gypsy’s at heart and have not just settled and don’t plan too.
6. No deviation, Still in process other than the basic interior
7. My bus is evolutionary it’s just slowly evolving.
8. I wish I had done more insulation, although I may tear down and rebuild with increased insulation
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