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Re: Windows

Ok, lets throw a little kerosene on this fire

One of my uncles is a member of the tin can tourists. I can't really explain what they are other than a group of rather odd people that travel around in some of the strangest vehicles I have ever seen. If you ever saw them camped somewhere you'd understand. I really relate well with the local bunch, so I started asking about windows. I explained my dilemma to my uncle and he laughed his butt off. I was totally confused.

We went to visit a guy named Larry and his lovely wife May. They are both in their late 80's and he built his own home from a 1954 Chevy 2 ton flatbed truck cab and chassis. He has residential windows in it and has never had a problem except for one he says he installed wrong and the slider would slam open when he got his rig "up to cruzin speed" (40 miles per hour, I swear!)

When he first built it, he used the "New fangled aluminum jobbies", but then switched to vinyl clad ones when they came out. I asked how he mounted them and he said with silicone caulk and some long screws. I guess the silicone is to seal and isolate them and the screws hold in place. I couldn't get a good look cuz May was cooking sauer kraut, and the smell just about kills me, so I kept my distance.

Long story short ( and I could go on forever about the stories this couple have ) they never had one shatter because of vibration. Never had one fall out, only had the one problem and he solved the slamming open issue with a stick in the runner.

I think I will start looking for some nice double pane vinyl clad windows in a green or brown color. Cheaper than RV windows around here, and If they are good enough for Larry and May, they are good enough for me.
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Re: Windows

The flexing of a bus body wouldn't concern me too much since there is a long line of glass on either side of that "flexing body" already. Seems kinda silly to worry about that.

My biggest concern with home windows would be the vibrations associated with the bus. A house doesn't typically have to deal with pot holes and speed bumps . Then again... Now that I think on it, mobile homes and modular homes have regular windows and they don't break when being moved from point A to point B. So it appears my concerns are pointless!

So, when thinking about using vinyl clad windows... Safety should still be of some concern. Aren't some windows rated for hurricanes? Especially on the east coast along Florida! They're always getting hit. I think there is a rating called the Dade County Rating that is one of the most stringent when it comes to building materials used for homes in hurricane zones. You may want to ask about it in your local big box stores.

Otherwise, there should be a corresponding rating for people in tornado areas (one would hope so!). I realize glass doesn't stand a chance against a direct hit from either storm's force, but there is a ton of research on building materials made to better withstand glancing blows from debris.

I guess using typical home windows would come down to size and cost. Size would only matter if you're using the window as a possible escape hatch. And if you find the size you want, what's the cost versus a similarly sized RV window?

Smitty, please do let us know how things work out for ya. I could see you opening an entire new perspective on the shape of skoolies!

P.S. - has anyone thought of using the rear windows out of old rear engine buses? Place one on each side near the front and you'd have a lot of view, a good safety glass, and built in escape routes in case of an accident. Or are they just energy vampires too?
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Re: Windows

I know a guy who used residential windows purchased from Home Depot for his bus. They were easy to install and look great. In two years he has had zero problems with them.
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Re: Windows

by Abbott » Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:43 pm

I know a guy who used residential windows purchased from Home Depot for his bus. They were easy to install and look great. In two years he has had zero problems with them.
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Re: Windows

$110 delivered brand new 53x26 thermopane RV windows with screens. It is hand crank and also fully opens for an emergency escape. How much cheaper could residential windows possibly be? ... 45eeaf165a
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Re: Windows

Smitty....go for the windows you like. I agree there "could" be issues, but I really doubt it. Everyone has their opinion, but i think you would be just fine with house windows. Whether they would pass a dot inspection I have no idea, but I have never had one of those. Unless you live in bankruptafornia where they do those things every year and charge you an arm and a leg. haha. Everything I have seen you do already works great and you have some great knowledge, trust it and get the windows you want. My .02 for ya.
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