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windshield curtains

just wondering what ever one is doing for windshield curtains,and drivers side window, and door. we used a curtain that we would hang up with magnet hooks, pain in the butt. thinking maybe a rollershade mounted sideways, pull from behind driver pull right around windshield. most likley end up making curtains, will see.
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Re: windshield curtains

was thinking of making curtains on a rail like they have for van front motorhomes.. would make some good privacy!
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Re: windshield curtains

I've got one of my extra quilts (king sized) strung up over the front windshield. It's "temporary" which means it will probably be there for a couple years. I seem to have too many quilts. I have three on the bed. They are all the "poufy" ones that really don't do a whole lot of good (and why we use a sleeping bag as a comforter for cold nights). I can't decide if I want the windshield cover to be permanently mounted or removable (requiring storage while traveling). the comforter works great for keeping the drafts at bay on the windshield. Makes me think about using an old felted blanket backed with a thermal curtain liner (can buy at the local Hobby Lobby) with a "nice" front material cover. OR do the thermal curtain liner attached to a padded faux leather upholstery material I think I would like to put on the rocking chair. Haven't figured out anything except that I want to do a top-down Roman shade for the bus side windows. Front windshield (if permanent mount) would be a standard bottom up roman shade.
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Re: windshield curtains

i took a u shaped curtain railing out of a 8 foot camper from the bed above the pickup. It probably was 14 feet long, but has little rollers that the hooks attach to, and they can be rolled along the entire length of the thing.. It was too long for my bus, and i cut and rebent both the drivers side, the center lengthwise was shortened, and the curved passenger side was re bent to fit around where the old normal door opening was so i could attach it to the wall. so mine is u shaped also, just redone to match the overhead cabinets, and millie is now making the curtains in 18 inch segments, so it can be easily moved out of the way when driving.
So, if you look at scrap campers, or in the rv parts stores, you might find the u shaped channel that is essentially a 1 piece unit. i think it will be way better than either the short curtain rod things or the long springs....
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Re: windshield curtains

We use insulated curtains and roll it up and hold it with velcro.
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Re: windshield curtains

We're going with a similar setup to what Opus mentioned. Roll them up when not in use.
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Re: windshield curtains

If anyone had pics of the setups they are using it would be nice to see them here.
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Re: windshield curtains

Up until this spring, I used a simple cotton drop cloth, cut to size and with a loop sewn into one edge, hanging on a piece of conduit that hangs above the front window. This was mostly for privacy, but as the days got longer and the temps crept up, I started thinking about how to mitigate heat gain. The bad thing about my curtain, and also poorly-fitting sunshades inside a car windshield, is that the gap between the window and the shade can result in a mini-greenhouse effect. The air between the window and the shade gets heated, rises, and (relatively) cooler air is pulled in from the bottom. The same effect can happen with cold temps, except the air is cooled, sinks, and pulls in warmer air from the top to be cooled. It's actually a very good way to passively heat a home using south-facing windows, if that's what you want.

So I cut some rectangles out of Reflectix and have them wedged flat against the front glass. It lacks the esthetics & portability of curtains that are easily opened/closed/stowed but they seemed to be doing the job. Full disclosure: I moved into a house for the rest of the summer. For reasons I won't bore you with, I didn't want to get into modifying the bus for Tucson's fairly brutal summer and couldn't relocate to a cooler locale.
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Re: windshield curtains

I'm using a reflective sun screen similar to what Sean described. Not too much of a PITA to put up and down. It does give good privacy and helps a great deal on he heat rduction through the front windshields. ... hade/26250
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Re: windshield curtains

2X on the Reflectix.

Bought a roll at Lowes, cut to fit the windshield and side glasses, taped the pieces together with aluminum sheet metal tape, added industrial self adhesive Velcro to the centers and all corners to hold it in place.

Great reduction in heat gain! Liked it so much, I cut shapes for all the windows, and use them depending on what windows I wish to look out of. On the window pieces, I found little self adhesive velcro dots.
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