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1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

I really blew this. Since I'm new to this group I didn't think to mention this in it's own separate thread.
This Crown is the twin to the one I just bought and is located in Arizona. It was originally bought and
spec'd by a desert school district who then retired it sometime last year. It is a 1989 40ft three-axle
300 hp turbo Cummins. Transmission is an Eaton Roadranger 10spd Over-drive(RTO). Suspension is
standard springs on the front with both rear axles being air-ride suspension for a somewhat better
ride. The thing that makes this a truly one of a kind deal is that it has engine driven full bus,
factory air conditioning, (desert school district, remember) and it's all still there but maybe not in
currently running condition. This means that the overall insulation in walls and roof are enhanced
and way better than the normal already good Crown insulation. Indicated mileage on the odometer
shows 61K miles but of course I'm pretty sure it's rolled at least once so make that maybe 160k. In
point of fact there isn't any real way to know actual mileage except to say considering typical
home to school type school district service it's safe to say this bus probably has something less
than 200k total on it. In my experience this is not even enough to get a Crown properly broken-in.
The twin I bought and drove home was new bus tight and the shift linkage had no slop in it at all.
Asking price is only $4k but the down side is that if not bought or stopped he will be sending it to
the scrapper my the end of this month. I know it's only a few days, that's what I blew by not putting
this up on it's own sooner. It's as close as anyone could ever get to buying a brand new not even
broke-in Crown with a full set of 10 (plus spare 11) nearly new Goodyear rubber all around and zero
issues. If anyone is seriously interested and can actually put up the money to secure this one contact
me. Since I'm so new I don't know all the rules about private communications between members but
maybe the Moderators can help me out and facilitate or inform me or buyer on how to communicate
directly. Thanks all and please excuse me for not giving more time on this one but I'm not in the bus
buying or selling business and don't normally think along these lines.
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Re: 1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

My plate is full but I would have jumped on this.
I'm hungry!

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Re: 1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

That's a nice and rare engine / tranny combo.

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Re: 1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

I know of a Gillig with a pancake Cummins and an 18 speed I think. Tandem drive axles too. It wasn't a school bus. It was built for a movie studio. Also wasn't 300HP.
I'm hungry!

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Re: 1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

I drove a crown one time years ago before I even knew anything about them with a roadranger in it. I only made one trip with it and then just because I happened to be available and was licensed to do so. Later we acquired our 1973 Crown 40 footer with a six speed Allison and 250hp. It is the one listed elsewhere for sale. There were times going up and down mountains in California, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming and elsewhere that I would sure liked to have had the extra horses and gears!

Our bus has over 400,000 on it and the engine starts and runs like a new one. If cared for they are nigh onto indestructible. Nice thing about it is that nearly everything can be purchased from a truck parts dealer when there are issues. The air ride back in back would be nice although the drivers in Yellowstone Park who used to drive them there swore by the spring suspension and low center of gravity for cornering. Our tandems are on leaf springs but still the ride back through the middle of the bus was amazingly smooth. The place it gets a little wilder is up front sitting ahead of the steer axle. There were many times I wised for the floating ride of air suspension up there. On the other hand, springs beat air suspension hands down for stability on the corners and in the wind.
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Re: 1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

So, did this beauty get scrapped? Inquiring minds want to know.
Someone said "Making good decisions comes from experience, experience comes from bad decisions." I say there are three kinds of people: those who learn from their mistakes, those who learn from the mistakes of others, and those who never learn.
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Year: 1989
Coachwork: Crown Coach
Chassis: 40ft 3-axle 10spd O/D, Factory A/C
Engine: 300hp Cummins 855
Rated Cap: 91
Re: 1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

I turns out that it might still be available, for a little bit longer. If I can find a cash buyer for it I'm prepared to
do anything I can to help get it in shape to travel and even deliver it for a buyer and or help train them to
drive it. I've put together a web page for it with details and pictures for anyone interested in seeing what
a terrific Crown can look like when almost new. (except for the desert dust) it's been there for some months.

The link is

Enjoy it and please help me find someone to buy it and save it.
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Re: 1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

where exactly is this located? and do you know if it is road ready? as in, would i be able to drive it to maryland right off the bat?
it's really great you're keeping an eye out on this crown.
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Posts: 108
Year: 1989
Coachwork: Crown Coach
Chassis: 40ft 3-axle 10spd O/D, Factory A/C
Engine: 300hp Cummins 855
Rated Cap: 91
Re: 1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

Check out this webpage I put up with pics and details about the Crown

The bus is located in Arizona near Bullhead City. It is in a locked and secured yard, which just happens
to be a scrapping business. He bought them both and then had second thoughts about scrapping such fine
examples of near new Crowns. He's done a miserable job of advertising them and I only found out about
them from a friend who lived in the area who spotted the A/C condenser on the side. I made my best deal
and tried to get them both but just couldn't afford too, so I took the one and am now getting the word
out to anyone serious enough to put up the $4k cash and get this extremely low mileage unbelievable
condition bus away from it's scrapping fate. Time is of the essence and anyone serious and able to do it
should contact me and I will do all I can to help facilitate the purchase, training and delivery of it.

Just to be clear on the status of this particular Crown, it's one of a pair of twins spec'd and bought by
a California desert school district from Crown Coach. They were equipped with upgraded insulation and
factory air conditioning. The largest Cummins engine and overdrive ten speed transmission, with rear air-ride
suspension, and a host of other goodies way beyond what was normal for school districts to order. They
were both retired directly from school bus certified service and driven to the location where they are now.
They have been sitting for a year and are only dusty inside because of that. They are both immaculate and
have no rust or corrosion of any kind and just a few driver rash scrapes on the body. No broken windows, and
once started and cleaned up a little they could both be put right into commercial charter service and run
for another 20 years with no problem. Since they have highway (not 55mph) gearing they are very special.

I bought the other twin to this one and when I went to pick it up I spent a few hours removing the school
bus lettering and covering the red flashing lights. After having to replace the two 8D batteries because they
wouldn't hold a charge long enough to crank it over, It fired right up and I checked it out closely, there was
no smoke, no fluid or air leaks, all fluids were still topped up, no unusual noises and in fact the engine
sounded just like a tight and nearly new engine should sound, half a tank of fuel, all lights worked and the
tires were near new and in fine shape. I drove it on a short road test and then filled it up with fuel and
drove it straight to LA. I didn't baby it either, I wanted to see how it would do in a real world scenario. I
pushed it hard up the 7% grade out of Needles and it topped the grade at 53mph in 9th gear (direct 1:1), no
smoke other than faint load type exhaust, no attempt to get hot, no rattles or body squeaks, typical solid
Crown feel and sounds, very tight transmission linkage, steering, and pedals. Engine governed speed was above
2300rpm which made me a little nervous since I don't like taking these above 2200rpm for any length of time
and that's for both the Detroit 6-71 and the Cummins, they are both designed 2200rpm engines. I don't really
know what the governor is set at but I will look into it later. On the trip home I got 60mph@2000rpm in 9th
and 68mph@2000 in 10th (overdrive) with no real idea what the top speed is, but you can do the math yourself.
Like I said I drove it back in one shot and didn't have any trouble with it, and I know how they should act
when everything is working properly. I pushed it hard and stressed things and there was no hint of anything
at all wrong with it in any way. I'm very happy and looking forward to getting started on the conversion.

As to the status and condition of the bus still available I can only verify the visual condition and assume it
will operate just like the one I bought. There are two issues I know of, in the pics at the site you'll notice
the empty battery trays, that's the first issue. It is built to take two 8D batteries and these can be had
fairly cheap either used or rebuilt instead of buying them new. I've even read on this site that a single
AGM battery can be used and will have enough to crank the engine, I'll be checking on this for later. The
second issue is what I've only been told but unable to verify, and that is that the 12V 220A alternator
doesn't seem to be charging. Since this bus was driven in good condition to it's current location I think it
may be safe to assume that someone at the yard may have unintentionally done something and damaged
the system once it arrived. It has an external separate regulator and I'm sure that any competent automotive
electrical repair guy would have no trouble getting this fixed. It may be nothing more than diodes in the
regulator or something else fairly simple, I can't say for sure but it needs to be resolved. Even in a worst case
situation that it might take too long or cost too much there is a pretty simple way to get it taken care of and
fixed up enough to drive it away. Crowns usually only came with 50-80A alternators and you can see them on
this site in some of the conversion threads, it wouldn't be a big deal to just get a used one from a wrecking
yard with a built-in regulator and bolt it in and hook it up to the system, the 220A monster is only there to
support the huge A/C fan loads. A smaller one is all that's needed to handle all vehicle loads. Take the big one
out and put in a smaller one and drive it home. I'm 99.9% confident that once the bus is started and checked
out you can drive it to Baltimore and back as many times as you want without any troubles.

I can be available to meet you in Arizona and offer my help in getting it roadworthy again and if you're interested
I would be happy to help you drive it home and train you as we go in the arcane and joyful art of how to feed
and properly care for a Crown. If you don't like the idea of driving it yourself all the way home I can be
persuaded to deliver it all the way for you. Road trips in a Crown are immensely fun and go together like peas
and carrots.

Since I live in the LA area I see Crowns still in service all the time, but the reason I jumped on these two so
fast was their equipment and options, extreme low miles, desert climate, school district maintenance history,
and overall gentle use to date. There are many Crowns becoming available, and most are a whole lot more money,
but the problem is that every commercial and school operator still using them today knows that they will have
to get rid of them by Dec 2014. Think about this, a Crown will absorb a huge amount of deferred maintenance and
still be useable, but if you knew you had to get rid of yours soon, just how much would you spend on major repairs
in the coming year. This is one factor overlooked by most folks buying used Crowns. Crowns are very easy to work
on and parts are readily available, and any Crown can be made to run like brand new, all it takes is money. If
you can get one already in near new condition and treated well it's entire life you should never have to spend
any money on major components for as long as you owned it. A private bus conversion owner could never put as
many miles on it in 50 years compared to what they were designed to take in service with a 30 year life. Think
about it. There's much more I can say but this is not the place for it.

Contact me direct at my email below if your are serious and ready to buy it and I'll do anything I can to help.

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Chassis: 40ft 3-axle 10spd O/D, Factory A/C
Engine: 300hp Cummins 855
Rated Cap: 91
Re: 1989 Crown for sale 40ft Cummins 300hp

I forgot the rest of the website link. oops


Sorry about that.
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