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Hi guys...

I work 100% remotely. I started a few years ago, and its been an interesting rollercoaster because I went the whole figure-it-out-as-I-go approach, giving up any type of regular income from normal jobs. It's been a long slog to get to a point that I'm doing well, and some of the things I've tried have been...interesting.

(This is about hammocks, just keep reading)

One of those ventures was a niche website about hammocks, inspired by a fellow on the /r/entrepreneur subreddit. Surprisingly, it actually was doing well. I had tons of traffic, was generally well-received in hammock camping forums, and was making money.

In June last year, I decided to branch out and actually offer hammocks for sale. My wife and I decided to source the absolute best mayan hammocks (not for camping) as a first item. We found an organization that worked with Mayan women and children that paid fair wages (100% fair trade) that gave the details on their entire process. Each hammock is handmade over a process of weeks, and the final product is the most comfortable thing you could ever want to lay on. They are incredible. We had our product! Instead of a super small trial run, I decided to invest a few thousand and get a large order.

My daughter was also born in June, and she is our first child. My interest in selling hammocks vanished overnight, and I literally forgot about them. I was doing multiple things at the time income-wise, and the hammock stuff was just a side project. I let the entire site/domain expire, forgot about the whole ordeal, and left a bunch of hammocks in a storage area at our home.

As far as specifics go, I have dozens of different colors ranging from one to two to many in each hammock. You won't find a bigger size. Hammock comfort is derived from both materials and size. Many people don't know this, but the best way to lay in a hammock is either diagonally or horizontally. Camping style is diagonally, while mayans and other leisure hammocks tend to be best more horizontal (perpendicular to the hammock length). The wider the hammock, the more room you have to stretch out.

Here is an example on Amazon. They never tell you exact dimensions, but that hammock is less than 5.5' wide. The ones I have are over 9' wide x 13' long. They're rated to hold over 800lbs, so you can definitely fit multiple people in one.

They're worth about $80-120 retail, but I just want to get my money back. You won't find better mayan hammocks, and they would make an AWESOME outdoor lounge area when you set up camp somewhere. They shouldn't be left out in the sun and the rain, but you can get 'hammock socks' to protect them. This is also the style that people use to sleep in full-time, so if you're looking for creative ways to get a sleeping area in a bus that could fold up and leave the same space 100% usable for other purposes, this would be a cool idea.

Here's a pic of my wife napping in one in the backyard.

$50 and you're the proud new owner of an awesome hammock. I'll cover shipping. Purchases contribute to our bus fund

I imagine this will fall flat, but I thought I'd hit you guys up before I try putting them on craigslist or amazon. Or maybe I'll just save them and not have to shop for gifts for a few years!
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Do you have any rasta colored ones or ones with cool patterns?
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All: I had a pal in grad school who sang the praises of the Mayan hammocks, too: you're not just blowing smoke there, pal! I would expect you to be quite pleased with your purchases.

Mr. Pen: want to get even more orders from this crowd? You might figure out a stout mounting bracket to go into the frame element just above the windows on either side, and offer that and a couple of quick-connect carabiners as an optional attachment kit.

Congrats on the baby daughter! You might still want to go with the hammock business: you need to start saving now for college and a wedding. Learn from my scars.

I will ask my wife about getting one. We've just this week instituted budgeting in our household, and I'm doubtful we can free up the dough. But I'll certainly ask. I wish you the best. And keep me in mind if you want photo retouching work to clean up exposure or a background for a sales image - though the snoozing wife photo is nice.
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you'll ship anywhere in the US for free? I'm in Oregon. Do you have photos of the actual pattern we'd get? Or is it just roll the dice?
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I'll go ahead and show my hammock ignorance: does "almost 13 feet long" refer to the woven mat in the center, the overall length up to its rings (laying flat), or something else? What I'm really getting to is this: what's the range of recommended straight-line span between my mounting points for a hammock this size?
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I want one of these... what are color choices? I can haz purple?
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Interestingly, I have 2 rows of anchored eye bolts down the center of my bus... I'll try to remember to measure their spacing.

And two full length rows of overhead chrome hand rails... But, they're only sheet metal screwed in

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I have one of these that i bought in cozumel and i absolutely love it! Mine is just a single person width though. They're super easy to store without tangling- just fold it in half and tie it in a giant knot. Then toss it in a grocery bag. I also like to spray it down with water before i lay in it so the evapration keeps me cool in the summer sun. I've been using mine about six hours a day this summer!!

If you still have some by the end of the summer i may be able to convince my prtner to get one from you.
My build thread:
A gal, a guy, three cats, two dogs, one rabbit, and one goat, traveling the country together.
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Rated Cap: 6 souls and a driver
What's up with the teaser?
I'm interested in snatched pair...
There's some others in here showing interest alpo
I once complained I had no shoes....
Until I met a man with no feet
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Hi Pigpen
I would like to buy two of your Hammocks, do I have a choice in colors?? I look forward to hearing from you. My E-M is the best way to get in touch.
Thanks RH
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