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I have a few, I'll link you to my FB page.

That should take you to the bus pictures.
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Any thoughts on this bus?

Public Surplus: Auction #1700764
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She "looks" all right... the big question is how does she run and drive? Is it close enough you could go up and inspect her, maybe take her for a little test run? Make sure there's no little quirks that you won't like?

Reason I say this.... I found the perfect bus (or so I thought) on GovDeals a few months back... it was close enough that I went to check it out. Fired her up, she sounded great, drove good too. But the thing that soured it for me was the (digital) odometer did not work, thus I had no idea how many miles was on it. Wasn't gonna get involved with something with unknown mileage.
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Originally Posted by Outcast View Post
I've actually just decided to sell my bus, finances and time have not gone the way I was hoping when I started the project. I'm in the Georgia mountains, near Cleveland.

Specs: 38ft AmTran Genesis, DT466 diesel engine with a 545 Allison Trans. Model year is 1996, the last year of the mechanical injection models, so it will work with WVO or BioDiesel. I've removed all the seats, all the windows are still in, but one is broken. It has the emergency door in the back, as well as two on the roof and 4 pop out windows exits. It is all disc brakes, hydraulic, so lower repair cost and less to go wrong. Steering tires will need replacing in the near future, but are good to run on for now. Plenty of under belly storage. Batteries need replacing, they only hold a charge for a couple of days, but it will jump off and runs great. It's been parked in my back yard near trees for the last two years, so it needs a bath, but there is no rust and the paint is good. Asking $3000.00, which is a little less than what I have in it, but it's just taking up space right now. I'll start again when my finances allow.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image.

Let me know what you think, I was going to start listing it, but figured I'd check here first.
What program do you use to post pics??
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Wow i am seeing some great buys from public surplus. Good luck!
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Domane... that bus has the Cummins 8.3 liter engine (ISC), which is a big plus.

About posting photos... I put my photos on Photobucket, which is free if you can tolerate ads on the screen. Me, I pay a trivial amount to be free of ads.

Once the photo is "in your bucket", you copy a link to it and paste that link into the Skoolie post. Nothing to it.
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a note to an earlier post... I would say that probably 1/3 to 1/2 of the Busses out there are TMU (true mileage unknown).. commercial vehicles arent required in a lot of states to maintain meticulous odometer readings like cars to have any value...

if its an international built between 1990 and 2004 chances are its dashboard has been replaced at least once... when tyou order a new one fro mthe dealer it is sent with odometer 0 and hour meter 0, if you send one to a repair service they will try and return yours back to you, however theres a chance it is defunct and then it must be replaced.. sometimes the odometer and hoiur meter gauges are moved over to a new cluster but many times not..

the service records likely wouldve shown the replacement and mileage.. but most of us dont get the luxury of obtaining those form the school...

if its a an 'E' engine bus like a DT-466E or a T-444E, you can look at the date code on the PCM computer.. if the computer is still original, you can connect the bus to a laptop and read the mileage from the computer... and see if the VIN on the computer matches... if it does you have a decently close idea to the true mileage on your bus...

if the computer was replaced by a dealer it will be updated with VIN and mileage from the old one.. if it was ordered by a sahool online and shoved in then the VIN wont match and the mileage will not be correct..

diesel engines are less about miles and hours and are more about how they were cared for... sure nice rebuilt or low mileage engines give you a possible leg-up on longevity, 200,000 milers taken well care of have a good chance at being 300,000+ milers..

in my own opinion an engine that has made it to 150-200k and still runs and drives solid tells me the engine probably had good care for a lot of its life and is likely going to go another 100+ with good care.. an abused and beat-up engine is likely to show signs of it by the time it is at 150k.. ie smoking, rough idling, excessive oil-burn, etc..

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I would pass. Too much wear by description of FAIR Condition. Read everything you can in the drivetrain sections on each engine and transmissions. Learn whether the AT545 Tranny will be ok for your needs or will you need the MT545. You can buy a bus with great tires for the same money another will ask for his bus with old tires.
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Originally Posted by Domane View Post
Any thoughts on this bus?

Public Surplus: Auction #1700764

Anybody else notice what that thing sold for?
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Originally Posted by Rameses View Post

Anybody else notice what that thing sold for?
Not TOO bad for a clean, straight RE bus that looks rust free and has an 8.3.
At a dealer it would (or will) be 8-12 grand.
Roll Your Own Build Thread
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