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Re: Running TANDEM crown on copart $2750 Buy it now price

Originally Posted by mokibrabrant
That's your take........I just take it as it comes deals with it as it is........I don't have room for a bunch of funny rules about people. I have no knowledge of you at all other than what you post. YOu come from your place and I come from mine: I'm here because of the buses. You behave rudely that's how you choose to go: That's how it is: I may not be the king of Crowns but I'm surely a prince in the KIngdom.......between myself and 3 other guys, we can account for 21 of them that we own. And I can spot someone who pretends to know them; I can spot a freak who tries to cap on me, because I sold a Crown and made some money, like it's an offense or affront to the dignity of man kind, and in his own sneaky way tries to pawn off a couple Crowns to the members of this Board suggesting "I don't know what they'll go for, but it should be for under 10K" Knowing fully well that the base price for one of them, could have been as low as 2750 depending how bidding went, and of course all the ancillary fees, transport, storage, listing fees, PayPal fees and fees associated with licensing and taxation.......Mounts up quick in the free world.

It's a matter of style: If I were going to introduce these Crowns to the Board I would have brought the whole story: There would have been no issues about title, I would have told everyone clear California title was available, auction date, and that you would be required to do your bidding through a Broker, who allows you under his license, to conduct your business. In other words far different than what was presented.

Or I would have invited out front interested members to discuss with me on the back channel, and I would tell them how I could bring them and one of the two available Crowns together and appraisal of the final costs, as well as any "fee" I might want for my time facilitating......

So many ways to go about it. Rather than I've got a lead on a couple tandem axle Crowns, don't know what they'll go for, probably below 10K but they're worth it they're getting rare, and you know I'm just an altruistic Crown guy here to help you out ain't nothing in it for me, I'll get these 5 thousand dollar Crowns for you for less that 10...........LMAO......oh LooneyFeline don't read this. it's far too long........
I think I understand. Am I the LooneyFeline or is it the other guy? I'm not a cat person. I prefer that you refer to me as CrazyCanine, better yet Mr. CrazyCanine.
I'm hungry!

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Re: Running TANDEM crown on copart $2750 Buy it now price

To Tandem Crown Guys,
Man I just spent time reading three
pages of some style of discussion that I am
not sure of. I don't often have the time to
enjoy this site as I would like. Sure cannot
under stand all this. Sure would like everyone
to be helpful, and kind.
I was marries once, thirty some years ago
I donot like to argue or see it. Sure don't mean
to bother anyone let's get along. I don't know
how to do much on these machines like faces.
So hi everyone, Take care.
Sincerely, SCARECROW.
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Re: Running TANDEM crown on copart $2750 Buy it now price

Many months and Here's the update...............I did buy 24 and sell it: despite the "confusion" with regard the engine..............The buyer is very pleased, he's had the Crown thoroughly gone through.............very pleased and an extremely beautiful Coach he is having the 5 speed replaced with a 10............As to the Second Tandem that was available: Number 14 from Apple Valley.............Also a beautiful Crown with the 671TA and the 10 speed. Ran into problems: Tried to purchase it for many months: However there was a discrepancy between the actual VIN and the Vin represented on Title......Many months passed. Title was not resolved.

Recently I followed up, and received contact for the fellow, who brought the two tandems to Co-part. As was suggested they were placed there directly by the School District that turned out to not be True.

So where is the Bus now. It was returned by Copart to the Broker who brought it there: He returned to the Barstow. He Drove the bus to a recycling center: I contacted him: He said he didn't know if it had been dismantled. "They got lots of buses up there, don't thing they got around to it yet." Asked him if he could check on it and get back to me...........said he would. Still no Word. Had a friend of mine contact of three days ago he believes it is still there...........So that's the capper for this story: Still working to save this Crown. Hope it's still alive...........if further developments warrant. I'll follow up, hopefully with the word that it lives.........and yeah. I'll sell it and I'll sell it for more than I paid for it........Moki
I come from no country, from no city, no tribe. I am the son of the road... all tongues and all prayers belong to me. But I belong to none of them.
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