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I got a Schoolie because I couldn't find a truck & trailer cheap enough to haul my Jeep with. I got a (small) camper to boot.
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ECCB send it through man. I'm hoping to be on the road myself around that time. It'd be amazing to hook up with you guys. Do you have land we can all park on? That would be awesome
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The original intent with us was to help my son learn how to build stuff, then it was to live in full-time (which we will be doing), now it's also for my wife to be able to safely travel the US because of her health dictating she can't fly anymore.

Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence. — George Washington
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Originally Posted by cadillackid View Post
and ive never seen a skoolie blow over on the highway in the wind either.. ive seen 5th wheels and once a 'bounder' literally blown off the road years ago in the mountains
The wind can be very powerful and detrimental to vehicles. For example, a stretch of road back home in Nova Scotia is wide open to winds off the ocean. Enough wind that 18 wheelers commonly are laid over on their sides if they try and drive that stretch in the wind. I think now they have to wait until the windspeed drops to a certain level before they can cross.

Over in Newfoundland, they used to have trains running across the island. There is a spot on that line where the geography almost doubles the windspeed as the wind drops off a cliff. There have been a few boxcars and engines toppled over in that spot. How much do they weigh?
Yup, wind is frightening.
I was in my outhouse one day enjoying the view. We got the tailend of a hurricane that came from the Caribean. The wind was about 110 km/hr.
Well, didn't that outhouse blow over with me in it. Quite the experience i do say.

Question everything!
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My husband started talking RVing about a decade ago, I balked ... had ridden in some tacky-butt "sticks and staples" in the past and ... yeah, no.

Some of the local RV dealers would have examples, used and new, at the yearly expo/fair. The affordable ones always smelled funky. I really balked. Told the hubs a firmer "no."

Seeing a few that had crashed, caught on fire, or just wove all over the road reinforced that "no" into a "hell no."

Always thought it was too bad that RVs ... well, suck (IMO) because the idea of traveling with your home is very appealing.

A local museum several years ago had an exhibition of the history of RVs in the US - it was pretty cool. There was even a refurbished school bus from the late 60s, beautifully done, gorgeous fabrics, comfy seating. It was pretty much a tent on wheels as there was no kitchen or bathroom, but fun. Warmed me up to the idea of buses.
Then a couple years ago I saw "the bus" when the hubs started talking skoolies and I did some googling. Lovelier by far than the hippy bus, just as cozy, with amenities, too!

And a school bus, they're built like Volvos but to haul kids, not out of sticks and staples. Yes. If it rolls it may still be salvageable ... if an RV rolls at best you hold a yard sale.

Does that sums up why most of us skoolie?
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My reason for Skoolieing (?) -- Rent in this community that I call home is obscene! Even lot rental is absurd. But, Brunhilde is MINE, ALL MINE! If I decide to move, I turn the key and away I go. I've already survived two winters in her.
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