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Burning Waste Mortor Oil (and other petroleum products) as fuel

Originally Posted by crazycal View Post
Share your setup.
OK ... I will.

I been interested in alternative fuels and multi-fuel vehicles for some time. I figure the more different fuels your vehicle can run on ... the longer you can run. "Two is one ... and one is NONE!!!, as we say in the survival community. But burning waste oil as fuel can also be used as a way to cut down fuel costs in diesel powered rv's as well.

Burning waste petroleum products (some folks call it WMO) as fuel in diesel engines is not a concept or a theory. It isn't something that I thought up or invented. It is process that thousands of vehicle operators are using right now to augment their fuel supplies. One of the best aspects of using WMO as fuel is that NO modifications need to be done to most mechanically injected diesel engines ... other than the addition of a water separator and an up grade to the fuel filters already in the vehicle.

This discussion is NOT about burning waste cooking oil (WVO, SVO, etc.). It is similar, but there are acids in cooking oil and issues of clouding that make it a different process.

Over the years, I've done quite a lot of research into using waste petroleum products as fuel in diesel engines and have put together a fairly large library of materials related to this. I've shared this library on a couple other websites ... I hope that don't get me in trouble ... but I think that this is important to put out in as many places as possible.

I started this thread about 3 years ago: Waste oils as motor fuel - Survivalist Forum

It explains the equipment and procedures I use to turn WMO into fuel. It also includes the sources and suppliers I have found for filter bags, pumps and etc. Also in this thread is a list of books and other materials relative to burning WMO as fuel. All of these can be found on and downloaded from the web. I do hope you take the time to find them and read them.

For the record, I have been burning waste oil blends as diesel fuel in my truck (a 1968 American General M35a2 Deuce and a Half that is driven every day) over 20,000 miles. Are there other/better ways to turn wmo into fuel? I'm sure that there are ... but this is what I have been doing for almost 5 years now. WMO fuel has worked very well keeping my fuel costs EXTREMELY LOW.

I have NEVER bought a full tank of diesel fuel for my truck. NEVER. And compared to a LOT of people ... I'm just barely getting started.


WMO based fuels work very well in diesel engines having mechanical diesel pumps and injectors. Although there are a number of web sites that discuss wmo and electronic systems, personally, I have ZERO experience operating computer operated electronic injection systems on wmo based fuels. A search of the internet will bring you to any number of forums that discuss this.
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Since I wrote the thread I shared above, I have revised some of my procedures slightly. In this thread I will be sharing the changes and updates I have made.

The process still includes the following 4 steps:

Collection and storage (pumps, hoses, drums)
Adjust specific gravity

As I get time over the next days, I will discuss each of those topics in separate posts.
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Cool stuff, please keep posting.

I hardly have the time to get on here a few times a week this time of year, but love like minded people sharing their experiences.

"Don't argue with stupid people. They will just drag you down to their level, and beat you up with experience."

Patently waiting for the apocalypses to level the playing field in this physiological game of life commonly known as Civilization
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