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I LOVE the deuce and a half idea...go for it!
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I'd have to do some measuring and a lot of cutting. I think it would be extremely stable with the 6x6 platform. Even the 24volt problems are workable. What stops me is not wanting to use the deuce's manual transmission. I like the automatic trans, power steering and the heated mirrors a lot. I mean a lot. I have property but no shop to work in and I'm to old to do this stuff outside anymore. I would absolutely love to have a 6x6, ahem, van. I'd actually use that feature to get out of site in places where I wouldn't dare go now.
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Bugger the Deuce! I'd want a 5 ton M54 instead. And as for that underpowered Continental multi-fuel? You REALLY don't want my answer.
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My method:
Pour cubies into 55 gallon drums-let sit. (I have enough sitting it could almost be a year).
Pump from the top down -leave the bottom 10 gal or so--into another barrel-poured thru a 100 micron sock filter. Heat the barrel to 120* for 24 hours.-Then let sit 24 hours.
Pump thru household water filters -4 in series--20-10-5-1 microns into another barrel.Leave the bottom 5 gal or so. (I have a couple on wheels-and a 12v pump) Let sit at least a week before pumping into vehicle. Leave the bottom 5 gal.
I've been inside 2 motors that have been running on veg. One had less carbon than usual and the other looked just normal.
I've seen people use juicers as 'fuges-you'll make about a gallon in 2 hours. Someone on a grease forum found them cheap + had 6 running at once. And they aren't made for that long of a duty cycle. And if you do 'fuge, you still have to filter-and heat. Those little $200 ones you mount on a barrel take I think about 24 hours to do a batch. If you only run it thru once.
If you have enough water to make rust, You'll have a hell of a time just getting the stuff to burn.
Don't make a fuss-just get on the bus!

my bus build
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Coachwork: 97 Bluebird TC1000 5.9
Yeah, a 5 ton would be nicer for power and the newer trucks have automatics. I like the multifuel engines in both of the older trucks because of their versatility, plus that's what I worked on in the service when I was a diesel specialist. I don't mind that the power rating is about the same as this bus currently has. The thing is I have 3 deuces and no 5 ton trucks. I'm not willing to drive a 5 ton back to Oregon from southern California so I've got what they sell more locally.

sdwarf36; Yeah, I've read about rust all through your fuel system if you don't take care of the water. In the long term it would certainly be worth it to get a larger and obviously more expensive centrifuge and they take an hour to process 55 gallons. I've been trying to think of a farm boy way to process oil, but I guess that's what you're doing by letting it settle for long periods of time.
Do you remember those toilet paper oil filters people were using on their cars back in the 80s? They say those were marvelous on vehicles and you didn't have to change your engine oil because it was so clean, so I think they ought to filter hot VO under gravity feed. Then again I'm sure someone somewhere has already tried that.
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