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Yeah I wouldn’t be concerned with cross contamination either, but what I meant is, isn’t there a lift pump or something that gets the fuel from the tank to the injection pump? With the diesel fuel not being used, what does the pump do?
The lifter pump is attached to the injector pump. The lifter pump would be moving veggie oil or diesel fuel depending what position the valve is in.

Ok that’s confusing to me, can you do a rundown of all the filters needed, along with the price. I understand that, the method you use (& I plan to also) filters the oil as its being collected, but how many times and with what kind of filters is it filtered between the tank and engine?
From grease dumpster to dirty veggie oil tank, only a screen is used on the inlet of my pump.

From dirty veggie tank to clean tank, oil is pumped through 3 water filters, 20, 10, 5 micron (I think...i might have used 20 20 10, can't remember) I use the 20 micron filters to clean the water in the jacuzzi. If it can turn that water from looking like the mississippi river to sparkling clean, i think it's good enough for veggie oil.

From the clean tank, it should go through an electric fuel pump 3-5 psi, then through a regular diesel fuel filter, then off to the engine. Most of the fuel will not be used in the engine, but will be returned to the veggie tank via the return line. This return action will send the wvo through the regular diesel fuel filter over and over again, creating sparkling clean wvo in your tank.

As far as one huge tank.....
How about a large dirty veggie oil tank, and a smaller clean veggie tank? You could fill the large tank ultra fast (15 or 20 gallons per minute) then as that tank gets heated, you can filter oil slowly into the clean tank. Maybe @ 1-5 gpm. You would hate to drive around for an hour on diesel before you switch over to veggie. It woudn't be terrible on a long trip, but that wouldn't benefit you much for around town driving.

That's a very good point you make about me not having large enough veggie oil capacity.
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I bought the 1st piece of the jigsaw puzzle that will one day become my veggie oil system. A 90 gallon tank. I found it on ebay; it was a custom made fuel tank for a motorhome but was never installed. I measured and it should fit between my frame rails behind the rear axle. I might have to move the rear cross member back a few feet but that doesn’t look too hard to do. Anyway the tank is slanted on one end to allow ground clearance when exiting driveways & such.

Now I have to piece together the rest of the system and somehow put a heater into this tank. My plan is to use this 90 gallon tank as a dirty tank & use a 50 gallon or so tank as a clean tank. This tank even has a small drain plug in the bottom that can be removed to clean it out.

Since I want to get this project going ASAP I may have a temporary clean tank in the back of my bus in the form of a 55 gallon plastic barrel.

Also I found this site about a WVO conversion on a greyhound type bus. He has lots of good illustrations and pictures of his install.
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