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if you have good credit and a decdent income, go sign up for one of the "no interest for 18-24 months" on purchases credit cards... these will give you 18-24 months of interest free and you can buy the stuff you need.. once you are nearing thje end of your interest free period you can assess whether the remaining balance you havent paid off yet and the interest rate the card will charge is worth continuing to pay on or whether its worth rolling as a blanace transfer (often at a 3% transfer fee!) to another card for longer financing.. or in the best scenerio you have paid the card off by then...

use someone elses money for free if you can, dont use high rate personal loans or high rate extended terms on credit cards..

if you have very low income or bad credit then you are out at the vultures who will finance you but at rates you will never be able to pay off...
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Thanks for the input.
My work life was for Freightliner Corp. in R&D. Not a bit afraid to tackle a skoolie; in fact, looking forward to it.
I worked for a good friend for about 7 years, (after being forcibly retired from Freightliner, they didn't want me to work after 60, increased retirement,) building mobile dental offices. We used commercial Winnebago coach bodies. The Winnie bodies were JUNK, even though they were supposed to be Winnie's commercial chassis. This is why I am drawn to the skoolie. In my experience, all RVs are JUNK, built to be used maybe a couple of times a year, then the rest of the time deteriorate in the driveway or in a storage lot.
Another advantage, I can customize a skoolie to fit my needs. This is the rub, even though I might buy an existing project, I would still want to, "remodel," it; even if I bought a cheap RV.

I have been planning the build, if I pull the trigger; of course this depends upon the bus I buy.
I have prioritized it so the basics would be done first - starting with a complete gross design; (meaning major placement of functions, such as, sleeping, bath/toilet, kitchen, living and etc.) - remove seats - remove, repair and replace old floor - any other items that need to be repaired, particularly structural - electrical - plumbing.
I want to get to the point where I can live in it while I then concentrate on the finish details.
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Well your in the right place. The knowledge here is great and vast... actually its harder to find one way to do something as there is such a variety.

My advice to anyone looking is to goto the School auction sites and contact local schools. Buy directly from the fleet of a school and not a church or project bus. Secondly always pull up the floor if you plan to spend any actual money in it.

You sound handy and between this site and youtube you have all the knowledge to complete the project. Craigslist and habitat restore sites are usually gold mines. Harbor Freight is also a great place for tools that are not going to be needed long term.

Good luck and make sure to create a build thread with lots of pictures for folks like me.
Second Star Skoolie Project
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Check these out.

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