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thanks everyone for the pointers I will be looking into all of this. I did not know about the unsecured personal loans I will have to inquire about them! thanks!
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citi fi is down there, they will work with you
living in a bus down by the river.
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First off:
I don't want to come off as nasty

You are 26 and have been with someone for 8 years so high school sweetie, that's cool

You went to school/college/tech school etc for several years and since you couldn't pay with cash, you owe student loans, and almost paid off, that's good...cheers

With this degree you can only find employment that allows 18 hours a week, I know that I couldn't live on that in Florida or even here(yes I realize he cut your hours, why not get a 2nd or 3rd job?) Just asking because if my employer said that I would be gone, and I would do whatever to get by and grow strong again

So why not move to another state, and start over? You are young, not tied down and no need to stay

You should be an asset to your employer, if not move on

What do you do...OR can you do...what is major in?

I would grab a suitcase or duffel bag...grab your cash (better bet would be to live on nothing no beer etc for those 4 weeks)
And then in those next 4 weeks sell everything you don't need and leave....period...walk away

Life is too precious to waste away......

First step is save, second step sell everything...move to a none tourist low tax area and reboot.

Be very frugal, no $150 hotel rooms and no fast food or restaurants

I know I seem harsh, I mean good

Home is where your heart is...a house is just to lay your head

You need food and water, then shelter and remember to always smile and want to move forward

If I am out of line let me know

P.s. do you even paragraph yo'

Read a book.....peter Jenkins "a walk across america" use it to kick start an adventure in your soul ;) ...... No peoti ....... Or wild 'sh rooms ;)
Our build La Tortuga
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
George S. Patton
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I think your entire idea is a train wreck.

I agree 100% with bansil.

Your not ready for a bus in any way shape or form.

You need a real budget. Not phony back money. Min $5000 to start, and $5000 more to finish.

Buses are hated in most places. You will end up with big fines, and lose your bus due to $$$.

Having a place to park is key. If you don't own land, know the law, have money, or live in the woods where no one cares, than you will end up losing your bus.

Conversions take years. Where you going to park it for that long?

Again, conversions take years. Are you willing to spend every free moment working on it for the next two years?

For the record, I live in a shed in the forest. 16 feet of a bus body, insulated on the exterior, and made to look like a garden shed.
No toilet, shower, or power. Just a coal stove, and a bed.
I don't need anything more, because if I have time for TV, games, ect, I should be working on my bus, or making money.

"Don't argue with stupid people. They will just drag you down to their level, and beat you up with experience."

Patently waiting for the apocalypses to level the playing field in this physiological game of life commonly known as Civilization
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I think a vast majority of people here didn't put the cost of a bus on a credit card. They either saved or have saved and bought what they could afford. Our bus is bought & paid for and work is done, when we have the money to go and buy the next thing we plan to work on. We have salted away a good bit of money...but that's to help in the event of an emergency.

You said you are barely making ends meet on an 18 hour work week. Have you calculated what your additional monthly expense will be? Those credit card offers that come in the mail are made to look like the deal of the century. "No interest if paid in full in 6 months". If you owe even a penny 6 months & 1 day then all the "free interest" months will get tacked on to the balance due. Also, have you looked and calculated how much you will be paying for interest if you should have to go that route?

If you have to go to Moms to save money, why can't one of you sleep in the house and the other sleep on the floor of the bus. Use your imaginations to figure out how & where you might hook up when the urge strikes.

I agree with the idea of selling off what assets you may have to come up with the cash up front. Not only that, you need money to get tags & insurance and a little money in the mattress to cover things that can and will go wrong. Have you looked into what the cost is of just one bus tire? Or the cost of paint? You do know that most states will not allow you to drive a school bus yellow bus. Or the cost of having a tow truck pull you to the nearest garage. Just because your bus is your home, you can't just camp out in it at the garage or side of the road till you can find a quick job to cover the cost of repairs when you break down.

I'm not saying think of the worst that can happen and hope that it don't.....but it's a fools trip that thinks nothing will ever go wrong. You mentioned that you have access to tools you can use to convert your bus....what tools do you have to take down the road with you? Or do you think you won't need any?

I'm so sorry if what we are saying may upset you but I think we may all be thinking along the lines that you may be acting a little immature with your way of thinking.

No one here wishes you any bad thoughts....But rather want to do what we can to help you achieve a "happy ending".

From all you have said I would find a way to make it work staying at Momma's if that's the cheapest rout , work your little a$$ off getting the bus ready, a little money put away and drive away with a smile on your faces.
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well thanks for the responses and I understand what you are all saying but I am by no means UNAWARE of the possible outcomes, the expenses, the many many issues that can happen and most likely will happen. I have been selling everything I own for some time how do you think I came up with the $1800? not on my pay alone that is for sure, I didn't just fall into wow I wanna live on a bus, I've been researching and turning my life into simple living as much as is possible over the past 4 years. I make all of my own products EX: shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent etc. I do not have cable or other nonsense. I do not drink or party I am as frugal as you can come. The problem is that I live in Central Florida which is basically Mini New York now a days which includes the price of living. Unfortunately for me I was born here and am trapped here until I get my home on wheels done. I have been waiting and watching and trying to save and find better jobs it comes down simply to IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA everything is corrupt and backwards and there are not Better jobs unless you go and get into More Debt with More Student Loans. Either way I would have packed up and left the state long ago if the funding had truly been there and not just going to be all wasted by trying to get by off of the side of the road in my car. I appreciate every ones insight and I am aware of many negatives, I was just trying to see if anyone had done this and what the possible outcomes where. Once again like i said earlier. I never had a credit card for very specific reasons. I am very aware of how corruption works I live in Florida where no law is any thing close to "good" or beneficial to anyone and I am aware of the laws here involving buses. I am sure there are a ton of which I do not know about because they seemingly make a new one every day, but that is part of the learning process.
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I will look into citi fi there is one very near me, thanks!
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Yep, I can vouch for the employment situation in Central Fl. Its tough.
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just be aware 10k of credit card debt at 24% interest will not even be a fun payment that will likely take 20 years to pay off, and that is if you can get one

(I say 24% based on if you have one late are in trouble)

good luck

I just hate to see someone bury themselves...

here is something to think about
How Long Does It Take to Pay Off $10,000 of Credit Card Debt? |
Our build La Tortuga
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
George S. Patton
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My big worry would be maintenance/repairs. Even in a dream world where you pinch pennies and don't buy $3000 solar setups, you're going to need to put SOME money and work into the bus. A single tire or brake swap could wipe you out if you're stretching just to get the bus itself. Even little things like sandpaper, wire wheels, and rust-converter add up super fast.
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