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Re: Commercial or not?

Originally Posted by BUBB
I doubt if anyone will be able to give you all the info you need, those that can probably wont unless you pay them,
but.... housecar

assuming my reading of the regs are wrong, if your bus is 40ft long or less you can normally just use the normal class C non cdl license, the same one used for cars, this assumes you are driving a normal skoolie,

I have not looked up what it takes to be a calif resident which will be needed to get the license, what you want to do is probably more like a taxi than a bus since you are carrying less than 14/15 people,

I see your biggest problem and what would be my biggest fear (were I in your shoes) is the insurance/liability issue. Most skoolies only get liability insurance which means it pays for the other guys car in a wreck and pays for yours and the other guys medical expenses, to be totally legal you would need to get some type of business/taxi/bus insurance and since you are doing this for a business it will be 10 to 100 times more expensive,

I doubt if any cop would give you an issue (under normal circumstances) assuming you had the bus titled/registered/inspected and in good working order, but the issue is liability if there is a wreck and or if someone gets hurt, their is huge personal financial/civil liability to run a business without all the proper paperwork and in some states it may even be criminal liability.

It took me about 10 minutes to search the california dmv site for the information links I posted above,

I certainly dont know for sure but from what I can tell you have done little to no research yourself which leads me to give you some friendly advice, the purchasing/titling/conversion of a school bus to turn it into a skoolie may be beyond your skill especially considering your foreign status and your wish to do it as a business while staying here on a tourist visa.
The tourist visa in itself may legal prevent you from titling/registering/insuring the bus.
Driver plus 9 requires a Class B (commercial) with passenger endorsement in California. If your bus has air brakes, you will need an air brake endorement also. My opinion is you will be a true non-profit whether or not you have legal non-profit status.
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Re: Commercial or not?

Thanks everybody for your help, we learned a lot through all the info.
We decided to become an official business in Europe and try out the project over there. Will be nice to be back home and closer to family.

Originally Posted by nat_ster

Nothing hard about getting answers from lawyers.

What is hard is trying to get anything for free from a lawyer.

Why don't people just get a real job?

Are you already in the USA?

If so, under what status are you here? Working while on a tourism pass may also be illegal.

What did you tell customs when they asked you how you were going to support yourself while in the USA?

Coming into Canada is a privilege, not a right. Do something illegal, or stupid while here, you will get your but shipped back to your homeland in a hurry.

Do you not have any mountains to go ski on where your from? Try to tell your own people about climate change.

Why is it that foreigners keep invading other country's and try to stick their nose in something that is none of their business. Like the idiots going to Russia trying to protest bans on gay rights.

We have taxes and rules to help support the systems that you will be using while here. Hospitals, roads, ect don't get built for free. If you don't contribute $$, you are just a parasite leaching off our system.

I'm all about looking after our planet. I spend big$$ making my life have a smaller carbon footprint. How is driving a huge fuel pig around the rocky mountains helping save the world?

Nat, chill down a bit. We said from the beginning we don't want to do things illegal of we can avoid to do so, this is why we will do it in Europe where it is possible.
No we are not in the US yet, we're in Mexico.
I love Canada, have lived there and always payed my taxes and have been fully legal.
I'm glad you're aware of climate change and doing everything you can. If the whole world would be that great we wouldn't want to inform people on solutions and create meetings where new ones can be created. Yes we will have to use fuel, but we will do everything in our power to minimise this. You can be as sustainable as possible as a human and neutralise your carbon emissions in other ways. We're not buddha yet, traveling is our life and has it's consequences. But to give you an example, I walked and skateboarded around the whole of Europe for a year to travel in a low carbon footprint way.

We have heaps of friends who want us to make this project possible, because just like us they believe it will make a difference.
If you're still not convinced check out, things need to happen.
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