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Here's one for you: WI resident, stationed in CA (military), buying a Washington Bus

I'm a resident of Wisconsin. My driver's license is a WI one, my car is registered there with WI plates, yet I am stationed in California. This is a pretty good setup, as I also pay WI taxes and not Kalifornia taxes.

The bus I'm looking at buying is in Seattle, titled/registered as a School Bus.

I'm planning on flying up to Seattle, purchasing the bus, and driving it back down to a storage spot on base for the conversion. The bus is exactly 25 years old (1991 model, probably by the time I buy it it'll be 26).

I'm also planning on doing the Vermont RV registration per werewolff's wonderful instructions (

Now, if I buy it, I'll have the title and proof of sale. I'll then get the Vermont registration. Because of my situation (not a California resident), is there any reason to switch the registration over to California? Or maybe even Wisconsin? Or just leave it as a Vermont RV registration, and keep the Vermont plates? Or do anything with the title?

Any insight from people from any of those states?

Thanks all.
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First off, as a veteran myself, thank you for your service to our country.

Since you're military, that gives you an extra option that most don't have.... since it's pretty common on military installations to see vehicles plated from all over the country I'd just leave the Vermont plates on it until you separate. Nothing preventing you from doing that at all. The only reason you might want to change them to Wisconsin is if you can get them cheaper w/o inspection. In either case you're paying for a year's registration (or two, if you elect that) so might as well get your money's worth out of it.
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dual residents like myself are given no issues with vehicles driven in one state and tagged in another.. the rule of thumb is they have to be tagged in the state you keep your driver license.. as mentioned the military may change that,,

for instance myself i have a residence in florida and a residence in ohio... I keep ohio as my primary since my license is from there and so all my vehicles are registered in ohio... states like california are used to seeing out of stare plates all over the place too... I dont think you'll have any issues.. insurance-wise I insure where its registered even though its parked in florida during winter more than its parked in ohio...
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Vet here too, thanks for all of your service!

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Thank you vets for your service.
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Welcome, and congrats on finding a bus. I think the consensus here is that you're good to go. There are a few stingy states that will get on your case about out of state plates but I wouldn't sweat it in your particular situation.
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