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Thumbs down Martial Law USA

its all selectively enforced. all the laws are lies! if you got a clerk, a worker, ANYONE against you, all you will get is a Run around from one Person to the other telling you different things. So many 'laws' you Cant please em all, and they use any distractable talking point to Waste your time &laugh at You. Its ALL Evil, and a Dance with Devil demon Doctrines. If a cop says "get out, your Not registering your Car today" your Not! once Your Targeted, your Done. Just like another Poster said here, 'try Another office' or Branch ..what the..? don't these People work for us? I had proof of insurance Stamped from Company, they Would still not Give me plates, even after i had all forms required, and went there twice. They just lie To your face, make Ya squirm, ..and Laugh with disdain. Saying "the Computer wont let me Change things" They even Sic people with Guns on you When you got money, insurance, and all you want is A simple plate. They are Evil Scum who Worship paper Work, and Walk all over Human life, liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. IRS wont Give me tax return Second year in a row Cuz they accuse Me of not Being Who i Say i Am! What Is your Country Coming to America? What! They Even Put Computer Screens Right Between Customer &worker So You Cant Even See Their face!
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Try creating a more positive way of being in the world for yourself, change your expectations

that will attract better results into your life.
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Just to let everyone know when you go this route and you want to be legal and get an inspection in the state of vt (i know most of you wont because your not visiting vt or for other reasons we live right next to vt and do many trips to the state so i wasnt chancing it ) but you do need proof of insurance in order to get the state inspection done. We had ours done through patriot freightliner real nice guys and service department
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Originally Posted by john61ct View Post
Every state requires local rego if you're driving it around there (technically just keeping it there but NP if out of sight) past X days, especially if you are a resident.

I doubt there are many that just don't care, but yes many like CA NY are actively vigilant.
No they do not. Not even MA, which is quite a dictatorial state, requires you to register a vehicle in MA because you drive there above some frequency. MA WILL require you to have insurance if you "regularly" drive into their state i.e. living in NH and working in MA. I learned about this law after about a year of living in NH and working in MA and I had previously been a resident of MA all of my adult life until I moved to NH (more than 25 years) and didn't know this law existed.

I could spend 3 months in MA when we build our skoolie and I would not be subject to registering it or really even insuring it as I would be "on vacation."
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blanket statements in either direction can be false

If you **live in** the state where the vehicle is garaged and driven

as opposed to garaging and driving a vehicle in one state, while remaining legally domiciled in another

Many people have multiple homes in different states, and have cars that are garaged / used only in (and therefore registered in ) those multiple "vacation" states

but your DL can only be in your legal domicile state.

Grey-area scenarios are easy to construct, and the timeline varies,

but the general principle is, the vehicle gets registered and insured (and property-taxed in about half) in the state where it is garaged and used.

Some states do not bother enforcing much, others will actively try to domicile **you** there as well as the vehicle if it appears you both are actually living there.
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Originally Posted by Aegis2x View Post
I mailed mine in with a copy of the bill of sale, title copy, VD-119, and an itemized list of one.

Fingers Crossed

Mailed 6/4
Check cashed 6/17
Tags - 6/19
Stickers - TBD

Yellow envelope arrived with tags. I also received a copy of my form with corrections but nothing else.

Tags do not say RV or Motor Home. They just green.
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Hello all- We just followed this process and received our plates in 1 week. We were expecting 3-6 but wow we were surprised at how easy and quick this was. Thank you for this information and resource.
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Been more than a week since I sent mine in, no check cleared yet. I imagine mine might take longer because it involves a vanity plate. Anyone else registered a vanity plate in Vt.? Did you get anything temporary until the plates were made?
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VT DMV req for VIN verification

Iím a new bus owner in NY (YAY!), working thru all the registration/insurance issues that come with the skoolie conversion (BOO!).

Iím still working my way through the second half of this thread, but here seems to be enough confusion about when VIN verification is or isnít required that I figured I woukd share what I learned from the VT DMV website (

If you have a non-VT title from a private sale, it doesnít matter how new your bus is, you need a VIN verification. Same if itís titled in outside the US. There are some other specific scenarios having to do with salvage and bonds that wonít apply to us.

We bought ours at an auction in PA thatís run by a livensed dealer, so this should not be an issue for us. Whew!

ď1. All used vehicles with out of state titles being registered/titled in the applicantís name for the first time are required to procure a VIN verification from the personnel listed below unless purchased directly from a licensed dealer.ď
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I'm trying to buy a bus in Seattle, WA. Long story short-I already have RV insurance on this bus. VIN: 1BABKB0A2YF087880.

Could I hypothetically buy the bus, apply online for RV VT tags, get RV VT tags for bus, fly to Seattle with the RV VT tags, drive bus back home to CO?

Thank you.
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