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A CDL is a federally mandated commercial drivers license. You do not need one if you are not driving a commercial vehicle. Are you representing a business, or are you yourself using it for a business purpose? Then you will need one to cross state lines.

States require their own licenses if not crossing state lines. Every state is different. But they all have agreements with each other to respect the restrictions and endorsements of out-of-state licenses. CA does require a special license to drive anything over 1x,xxx GVWR (I don't remember, but it was less than the 26,000 for a CDL - I think 15,000 or so), so you don't want to register it there.

If you are driving it with a Kansas license, Kansas driver's license law applies to your restrictions and endorsements, including if you can drive it as a motorhome with a regular class C. I looked into this extensively, as I drove my bus through Arizona, California, up to Oregon where I got a new DL and then registered the bus. Many states will not let you register a vehicle there without a local DL (AZ, CA, OR, GA from what little I know); I must assume VT is not one of these states.

Oregon I chose because they have really no hassle to convert the title to motorhome. Even the very limited requirements posted online were ignored by the DMV agent...she just dropped her pen, stared at me with a look of disbelief that I would even ask, and said "if you want it titled as a motorhome, we will title it as a motorhome." Even then, all I did was ditch the seats, attach a Coleman stove to a shelf, and stick in a $30 used bunkbed frame and an old mattress I brought with me in my minivan.

Honestly, I don't see how you can do this in less than two trips without hanging in Cali for a bit while you wait for VT to send the paperwork.

But if KS won't let you drive it on a Class C anyway:
A real hassle, yes, but option B would be head to Oregon; get a hotel for maybe a week at most. Get insurance there (commercial vehicle for personal use), and have the agent mail the paperwork to the hotel. Go to the DMV and get a new DL there; you will need the insurance letter for proof of address, but they don't check the actual insurance when you register the vehicle. Drive to Cali and get the bus paperwork. Get a CA trip permit, good for 2-3 days I believe. Then drive the bus back to Oregon and convert the title to motorhome there. If for some weird reason you see a cop in N Cali or Oregon and he even pulls you over (check your lights, and don't speed, silly!), and he is unsympathetic (all a real longshot), then bring the new motorhome paperwork to court and I bet they drop it; they really are not so uptight out west. Then you can drive it in any state. Oregon plates are good for 2 years. My license is good for 8 years.

Drive any vehicle out of CA or OR heading east now-a-days and you are targeted by police as a smuggler of the great green healing herb, the Tree Of Life, undermining the profits of the Great Satin's pharmies. Have the right paperwork and license. Mormans in Utah and southern Idaho think God himself made a mistake when he created this sacred herb, and will be happy to pull you over when heading east.... The ones in American Falls (ironic local, eh?) who hassled me for 45 minutes told me they are trained to target older out of state vehicles; so if you are poor and want to tour the National Parks out west, just remember, wear your white skin and blue eyes; that's how I got away, I'm sure.

option C:
take the KS non-commercial heavy vehicle classes and license. Might be cheaper than a trip to Oregon or a ticket on the way home from Cali.

I have State Farm. I have been piggy-backing on my mom's policy since I don't know when, since my mainland vehicles were all registered at her address in GA (I had Geico for my other vehicles in Hawai'i). Geico refused to insure my bus; State Farm was happy to. Progressive turned me down flat, also, as did most other companies, as soon as I said "bus as a motorhome." I told State Farm "commercial for personal use" without them asking me. It was $200 for 1 year insured at the GA address, before I ever got it to Oregon, as I tacked it on with my mainland vehicles. Once in Oregon, the agent there gave me a similar price.
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I called the VT DMV to clarify the process. They said I would need to show up with the BOS or wait for the plates by return mail. So, placing it in the mail doesn't make it legal.

Originally Posted by john61ct View Post
The word "replacement" to me implies that you already have the previously legal tags for your vehicle in place.

That is not the case with the current scenario, so far I only see a trip from CA to KS with **no** tags.
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KS definitely requires a non-commercial class B or A to drive anything over 26001 lbs. However, it is no longer an issue for me right now because the seller kind of sold the bus from out under me. I had spoken with the seller on the phone and was exchanging emails to get the maintenance docs, title image and pics of the undercarriage. In one of my emails, I requested pics of the undercarriage including the engine and transmission but was sent 4 pics of the trans and none of the engine. When I mentioned this, I was told they would provide it. About a couple days later I followed up but they said they were still working on it and the bus is stored over an hour away. Another day or so went by and I follow up to discover they sold it.

It seems to me that the seller had someone already lined up and they played me for a backup. I let the owner know that out of courtesy they should have given me first opportunity to buy it. Anyway, the bus is fairly rare and I would not be surprised if I see it on this forum in the future. The search continues for a rust free bus and I have a feeling it will not be anywhere near me as most are rust buckets around here. Since, I am not in a rush, I might as well work on obtaining the non-commercial class B as I will eventually need one.
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NeuSkoo's Registering and Titling Story

NeuSkoo's Registering and Titling Story

Before we begin, let me fill you in on the situation.

We found the bus for us. It was located in New Jersey. We decided to take the money we had been saving for an adventure and purchased a 2004 IC International 3000 34' school bus from a Head Start preschool in New Jersey.

Jumping ahead to the good stuff

Before purchasing the bus we did our research on and decided that we were going to need insurance to drive the bus back home.

The insurance we went with was Progressive commercial for personal use.
We had to have commercial insurance due to the fact that the school bus was still a school bus on the title.

Insurance wasn't too bad on the price. We paid $106.62 for the first month of insurance. That's including the first month deposit for having commercial insurance. After that our monthly insurance was $58.30.

Registering our bus as as an Motor Home (RV) in KY

Once we had the bus in our state (Kentucky) we proceeded to get the school bus registered as a Motor Home (RV)

Sometimes the DMV or County clerk can be finicky with their requirements so I made sure we were prepared for the run around.

What we had on hand:

  1. Original Title (notarized in New Jersey)
  2. Bill of Sale (not notarized)
  3. Cashier's Check stub for the purchase price
  4. Copy of Sellers Drivers License
  5. Proof of insurance
  6. Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration (notarized in New Jersey)
Feeling confident I went to the county clerk (KY doesn't have a DMV) to register the bus as a motor home.

Once there I gave them all the proper paperwork and they said I couldn't register it without an inspection from the sheriffs office. So I made my way back home to schedule the inspection.

I scheduled the inspection for the next day.

They day before the inspection we checked all the lights and other things we thought the deputy sheriff might look for.

Inspection Day:

The Sheriff Deputy was polite enough to give a call before he stopped by. I was excited and a bit anxious.

Once he arrived, he asked to check the VIN. It was good.
Next he asked to start the bus and check the lights on it. I put the key in and turned it to run, but this time it was different than the other times I turned the key to run. I heard no buzzing or warning sound. I proceeded to start the bus and got NOTHING. That's right NOTHING, not a click, not a flicker of lights, NOTHING.

I looked around and noticed that a rocker switch was left on and the bus's batteries were dead.

Needless to say the inspection couldn't continue.

I wasn't charged for the inspection due to the fact that it wasn't completed.

Borrowing a trickle charger from family, we disconnected all the battery terminals and proceeded to charge the battery's one at a time.

It took 2 days to charge each battery on a 10amp quick charge.

After they were charged, I reconnected the terminals and was able to start the bus right up.

Rescheduled Inspection:

Same as before, the deputy called ahead of time and then arrived.

This time everything was good to go. I paid the $15 to the deputy and he was on his way in 10 minutes.

Back to the County Clerk

Back at the county clerks office, I gave them the paper work again this time with the proof of inspection from the sheriffs office.

The clerk said everything looked good except for an inspection from the fire marshal.

I wasn't able to proceed any further without an inspection from the fire marshal. So the registration process was delayed again.

Contacting the fire marshal

I decided to call the fire marshal and good thing I did because they said that they don't do inspections any longer for converted motor homes and haven't done so in over 10 years. I said that the clerk sent me their way and they said that the clerks aren't up to date.

So who do I contact?

The fire marshal told me to contact The department of Manufactured housing. So I did.

I was given a name of a lady who is the head of the department and on multiple occasions I had left a message with what I needed done and my contact information.

2 weeks had passed with no word from them and so I back tracked a little.

Back to the County Clerk

I went back to the Clerks office with all the paperwork again and told them the story. They said to contact the fire marshal again and I told them that the fire marshal said to contact the DMH and the DMH said to contact the clerk.

The clerk said to contact the DOT, so I did.

The DOT said to contact the DMH and so I went ahead and did that.

This is clearly a redundant loop.

Contacted the Department of Manufactured Housing

I got in touch with DMH (Department of Manufactured Housing).
I bet you can guess what they said.
They said that they only do inspection on vehicles that were manufactured to be Motor Homes and not vehicles converted into them.
They told me to contact the Department of Transportation (DOT)

Contacting DOT Again

So I called the DOT, went through all the automated stuff and finally got in touch with someone there.
They were very helpful. At times they had to put me on hold to research and fine out what to do.

What they said:
Contact the fire marshal and get an inspection then go to the clerk and get it titled and registered.
OH NO! I said to myself, here is the run around.
I mentioned that I had already contacted the fire marshal and they said to contact the DMH. The DMH and the clerk said to contact DOT.

After another brief hold they lady @ the DOT said that it was no longer possible to register or title a school bus as a Motor Home in the state of KY.

What was I to do?
I stumbled upon the thread " How to immediately register your bus as an RV without conversion"

I follow the instruction and I'm sitting here right now with new License plates and a registration sticker from the state of Vermont.

I'll post exactly what I did to make this happen my next post.

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Originally Posted by GWRider View Post
I let the owner know that out of courtesy they should have given me first opportunity to buy it.

One Johnny on the spot with cash in hand is worth a hundred maybe-real-maybe-not many miles away.

For a very good deal, you need to be ready to either fly out to inspect, or trust enough to put money down sight unseen.

Only the so-so deals sit there for days.
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NeuSkoo's Registering and Titling Tutorial

NeuSkoo's Registering and Titling in Vermont Tutorial

(I'm not a resident of Vermont)

Items I had on hand:
  1. Vermont Form (VD-119)
  2. Original Title (notarized in New Jersey) That where I bought the bus
  3. Bill of Sale (not notarized)
  4. Proof of insurance
  5. A Typed Letter stating what I would like to accomplish with this registration

If your bus is older than 15 years, you will NOT get a title from Vermont!
You will get another document from Vermont that will take the place of a title.

Step 1:

Locate and download Vermont Form VD-119 on Vermont's DMV site or just google it.

Step 2:

Fill out your VD-119 form


Section 1

I filled out the form for a joint ownership, so I filled out the Owner and Co-Owner area.

If you are going at this solo then only fill out the Owner area and not the Co-Owner area.

If you are NOT a Vermont resident, the Vermont License section you can leave blank. I put my KY license in just in case, but when I got my license plates they had it crossed out.

Section 2

If you are doing it just for yourself on the title then leave Section 2 BLANK

Section 3A

I left this section blank because I paid for the bus in cash. NO Lien.

Section 3B

I filled out the name and address of who I purchased the bus from and dated purchased area.

I did not have the signature of the person or company area filled out. (I had a notarized title and bill of sale) instead.

Section 4

Since I was registering this as a "New Registration" I check that box

The only other thing I filled out in this section was in the area "Registration/Plate Type" and I check the blank area and filled in Motor Home and 19 in the area next to it.

Section 5

I put in the Make, Model, Year, Body Type, Color, Milege, Marked the "Miles" checkbox Vin, # of Cylinders, Marked the "USED" checkbox and Marked the "Diesel" checkbox.


On the copy of the form they sent me with the license plates; they made a couple corrections.

Here they are:

First correction was in "Section 5" under "Model" I put 3000 and they corrected it to TK (TK means Truck and that is how converted buses are handled) and under the same section, under "Body Type" I put MH, they corrected it to BU (for BUS)

Section 6

I filled in the purchase price of $2500 and net taxable $150.
Obviously you may have purchased your bus at a different price so here is how you will calculate your tax:

Purchase Price multiplied by Vermont's tax (6%)

In my case it was 2500 * 0.6 = 150

Section 7

Leave blank

Section 8

Leave blank

Section 9

Registration: $76 (1 year registration)
Tax: $150
Title: $35
Total: $261

I wrote a check to "Vermont DMV" for $261.00

Below is the Vermont VD-119 form I mailed in.

Step 3:

Type a letter (or and write) Stating what you would like to accomplish with this registration.

Here is what I typed:

To Whom it may concern:

Attached is a check for $261.00

This is a bus converted to Motor Home and would like the title to reflect that this is now a Motor Home and not a bus.

Thank You,

"Your Signature goes here"


1 Year registration: $76.00

Tax on purchase price of $2500.00 = $150.00

Title: $35.00

Total owed to Vermont DMV: $261.00

Step 4:

Make copies of:
  1. Vermont Form (VD-119)
  2. Original Title (notarized in New Jersey)
  3. Copy of Bill of Sale (not notarized)
  4. Copy of Proof of insurance
  5. A Typed Letter stating what I would like to accomplish with this registration
  6. Copy of check you wrote
Step 5:

Mail your Original documents NOT the copies to:

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603-0001

By accident, I mailed a COPY of the bill of sale and not the original. It worked out for me.

Step 6:

Wait... wait... wait... wait...

  1. I mailed the paperwork in on 09-04-2018
  2. Mail arrived in Vermont on 09-05-2018 (so said the tracking)
  3. Check was deposited by Vermont DMV on 09-24-2018
  4. License plates arrived on 09-29-2018
  5. Registration sticker arrived on 10-04-2018
  6. Title arrived on: still waiting. I called Vermont DMV and they said it's on the way.
And that's how you get Registered and Titled in the state of Vermont

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I wonder how much revenue Vt. generates from registrations for people who never have or intend to step foot into their state? I know of a lot of motorcycles that use this same process.
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In fact if you do drive into VT you need to immediately go to get it inspected.
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Originally Posted by john61ct View Post

One Johnny on the spot with cash in hand is worth a hundred maybe-real-maybe-not many miles away.

For a very good deal, you need to be ready to either fly out to inspect, or trust enough to put money down sight unseen.

Only the so-so deals sit there for days.
The only one dreaming is you. Nobody in the right mind is going to fly out without at least seeing some pics of crucial areas (notably drive train) to mitigate the risk. There was no maybe-real-maybe-not about it. The owner said there was a family illness and they would get the pics. Turns out they were stalling.

You can have the trust but I will take the verify any day!
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NeuSkoo's Registering and Titling Tutorial Title Update

The title for the bus came in last Friday 10-12-2018.
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