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Nevada RV Registration

I searched for a thread on Nevada registration requirements, and didn't find one, so I thought I would share my experience here. I just purchased a bus located in Colorado and my husband will be picking it up later this week, then attempting to title/register it in Nevada.

I called the DMV and said I had purchased a bus which is undergoing a conversion to an RV. After being transferred to several different departments, my call landed in the Emissions Lab, which seemed to have the most information. They said you change the bus to a Nevada title (I have 30 days to do this, during which no insurance is required, since the bus will be declared non-operational), and then proceed with the conversion while still titled as a bus. After the conversion, you fill out an affidavit of non-operation and they give you a movement permit, which gets you to the inspection location.

The inspection has two parts: interior and mechanical. The mechanical/safety inspection is based on form VP-64, which can be found here:

But the interior inspection happens prior to that. To qualify as an RV in Nevada, a vehicle must have:
1) Sleeping quarters. I asked if that meant a framed-in bed. He said yes, it couldn't be a mattress on the floor.
2) Cooking quarters. A Coleman stove on a countertop wouldn't be enough; it needs to have a plumbed kitchen and any cooking elements should be built-in.
3) An eating area. It didn't specify built-ins, but he said everything needs to be permanently attached.
4) A restroom with toilet and holding tank. I told him I was planning to install a composting toilet, which would not have a black tank.
Answer: "Then it's not an RV."
"So you're saying that no RV registered in the state of Nevada has a composting toilet?"
"I'm just reading what's on the paper, ma'am."
I'm not sure how that works. Short of registering in a different state (which is still a possibility), I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to get around this. The conversion requirements look very strict, although I can't find them in writing anywhere on the Nevada DMV website.

Additionally, vehicles over 26,000 GVWR are exempt from needing a CDL when classified as an RV, but Nevada does require a non-commercial class B license when >26,000.

Again, this is just my experience. I hope others will have more to add.
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Hello hello

I'm answering because I noticed that you only recently posted your concerns re: Converting a bus into an "RV". I've had almost the exact same issues with the DMV in Alaska a number of years ago, when I tried something similar. I feel that in our Land of Unlimited Possibilities it is a shame that personal expression and solutions to challenges are no longer permitted.

If this will help you folks or not I don't know, but I've heard from a friend in New Mexico, that a person can get a school bus title changed into an RV title, just by going to a DMV office and asking that to be done. Following up on that by calling one of their DMVs, I learned - as someone from another state - that to register any vehicle in NM, one needs to have proof of living there, even if only part time. Required would be some sort of property tax receipts, utility or rent receipts etc.

Years ago, I was lucky enough to insure a 6-row 'camper' bus with GMAC, who is now out of business, but not since then. I don't see, why DMVs don't allow the idea of 'Camper', like the zillions of VW campers out there, who also don't have plumbing, have no toilets or showers, but still accommodate their folks in a way that's safe for the environment and themselves. I'd like to hear what further progress you guys were able to achieve since you posted. Good luck.
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As far as the flush toilet thing get a plastic drum off CL and fit it to the bottom with a valve and hook up a used rv toilet in the bathroom, you probably don't need to cut a hole in the floor I doubt they will try to flush it. Get a used cooktop also from craigslist or an rv one from ebay. You really shouldn't be using a Colman stove like that anyways from a safety stand point. Table BJURSTA Wall-mounted drop-leaf table - IKEA that looks built in to me and you could use some of the old bus seats for a dinette. A Sofa sleeper would probably do the trick too. Thats what mane $300 worth of parts that you can sell later.
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Thanks for the great and useful information. I'm just in the market for another bus and appreciate anything that helps in planning my little camper.
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