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Can I ask what is the average height inside the buses? Height is my only concern as my fiance is 6ft 4in and don't want him to have to duck his head constantly. I'm only 5ft 4in so I'm basically good with anything, ha! I know some people actually raise their bus roof, but I'm worried that would be rather costly and difficult to do?

Thanks everybody for their response so far!
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i am currently stationary have been since december (plan to move eventually). i have access to about 1500 watts of onshore power. but as that is spotty, i mostly live off grid with no power or running water. i shower via gym membership, i heat via wood stove and i light with either a camping led lamp or if I have power, rope lights. i do not have refridgeration in the normal sense. its so cold here i can literally just put my stuff outside with a bag of ice and im good. but i plan to upgrade to solar/wind and a domestic fridge. im making it all work while i still am working on the skoolie. its tough at times but it's also freeing knowing i cam leave tomorrow.
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Average inside height of a school bus is 6 foot 3 inches, if you can find a place to be truly stationary, you could buy an old city transit bus, higher inside and usually have a square roof line
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Originally Posted by Carytowncat View Post
I have found peace in trusting that i do not want to be anywhere that i am not wanted.
Me too!
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Originally Posted by Kubla View Post
Average inside height of a school bus is 6 foot 3 inches, if you can find a place to be truly stationary, you could buy an old city transit bus, higher inside and usually have a square roof line
Buses (non-shorties) come in 72" and 78" headroom. I am 6'1" ish, the low ceiling buses are definitely NOT 6'3" as my head touches if I stand up straight. I haven't lived on a bus but don't have any problem with the 78" buses. That said, I plan on raising the roof regardless of which bus I buy. Mostly just for more cabinet space. 35'x7 1/2'x6' is not a lot of room for all of your worldly possessions even when pared down to Tiny Homing.
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I currently reside on a beautiful piece of ground out in the woods with a large creek running through the back yard. Unfortunately I cannot build on this lot without spending $50k+ on water hookup and fancy septic system. I don't have a spare $50k in my pocket.....

Solution: We parked a 36' 5th wheel (allowed), built a cover over it (tolerated) and moved in. We collect rainwater for domestic water and have a composting toilet.

Then we bought another 5th wheel and "remodeled" it. The remodel included removing everything from the frame except the axles & suspension. Then we built a 10'x20' structure with a loft on the lower portion of the frame and a 10'x10' section where the bedroom had been. Net result: about 400sq ft of usable space. Then we put the tail lights & license plate back on.....

I did also live in my last bus for 7 years but most of that was mobile.

Not exactly living in a bus stationary but between the two I think I have a pretty good handle on the lifestyle.

I would look around your county for any indication of tolerance for people residing in RV's. Where I live, you have to get out in the country a bit to find places where it is tolerated. At that if you get the county's attention they will tell you that you can only spend 6 months of the year "living" in your RV on your lot. Solution: I have another rig on the other side of the state and "officially" I move back & forth. The reality of it is there are probably 30+ full time occupied RV's within a mile of where I live.

IMHO: your choice of a composting toilet is right on the money. Dealing with our black tank was one of the biggest challenges before we went to a composting toilet.

I don't know if rainwater collection is a good option in your area. Google may be your friend there.

I don't know where you are, so off grid power options are difficult to pin down. If you are in a place where it plays well then you are in good shape. The cost of solar panels and gear has dropped significantly in the last few years. I am planning on 1000-1200 watts on my bus. Solar panels can be had for as low as $0.27 per watt if you really shop. More common pricing can be $0.50-$0.75 per watt.

I will quit rambling now.....

Best of luck!!

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full time, off grid, stationary

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