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Originally Posted by brokedown View Post
Just a quick note regarding Walmart parking lots.. so far, it's not so bad. We have been at 4 different Walmart parking lots already. I've was clear about no overnight parking, so we didn't stay after buying some supplies. One told us that there was a city ordinance against it but that they didn't have an issue with it themselves. We spent two nights there, with a couple RVs and a few van dwellers next to us. One was very welcoming, had maybe thirty RVs there, some of which didn't move over the course of the three days we were in the area. This morning we are leaving another where we were the only obvious camper.

It's not glamorous, but even our negative responses haven't been bad experiences.

Very cool! Thanks for the info!
Love the pic! Are you in one of those campers?
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Originally Posted by cadillackid View Post
here is the Low-down I got on one walmart.. the one in Grove city ohio.. the city doesnt like people staying the night in parking lots.. *BUT* the reality is unless a crime is being committed the police cant run people off unless walmart calls.. however it was required that the walmart be "proactive in preventing over-nighters" so they installed signs... and left the signs at that... it was also domne so if anythiubng was damaged, stolen, etc then it was well known to the Lawyers that the trucks, busses, RV's werent to be there overnight in the first place... however the manager wont run anyone off...

here in downtown st pete i notice RVers Boondocking along non-posted side streets all the time... some streets are marked no parking permit only but many are just unmarked.. so if you are looking to stay in a city for a week or two.. just move around daily and you likely wont get bothered.. esp if you arent in some fancy new housing development.. I dont know about califorina.. I get in and get out of that state... san fran is fun and WeHo is a hoot but I fly in, visit, enjoy and fly out..

as for hawaii.. honolulu is downright a depressing city.. the resorts are all pretty and flowers and umbrella drinks.. but outside of that I wouldnt want to live there. besides being locked up on an Island where you cant road trip

More great info! Thank you!
Yes I had originally thought I would do just this~ Move everyday until im somewhere for a spot of time.

I read all the stuff on that one website and got all freaked out! Ive been living in my car off and on specifically in California since 2010 with no trouble, so I thought everything would be ok.

I think I just got overly worried for a moment! I am feeling much better now

Yaaasssss I love WeHo and Redwoods/The bay area. You just named my two favorite spots in CA! Other than mount shasta!

Omgosh I knooowww such a heavy energy there! I love hawaii, but I feel the same way. I would rather be able to travel across the usa etc.. I can swim in the keys if I want warm water or go to Central/South america etc.
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