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I have a electric idle control but these numbers were at idle for baseline.
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Question along those lines - for a SHORT while I was into boating, and was talking to some diesel guys. They do this thing called "tested log" racing - you race against your prediction of your own time and try to come as close as possible to it, rather than first-to-the-finish. Closest prediction wins. Sort of interesting because they have a monitor come aboard and verify that you aren't using any sort of speed gauges - you can have RPM, but nothing that tells you how you're doing time-wise.

Anyway... I was watching this guy drive and every few minutes (like 5-10 minutes?) he would throttle up or down a few hundred rpm, then go at that rate for a while, then change again. He said it was because "diesels don't like to stay at one speed for long."

Now, I was kinda young at the time and naive - didn't want to admit I had no idea what he was talking about so I just accepted it and it stuck with me. But now I'm wondering - is there any truth to this? I know gas engines way better than diesels - in a diesel, is this true, and why would it be?
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Don't know for a fact but if so there's a lot of diesel gennys/water pumps etc. in trouble out there.
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My understanding is that diesels don't tend to like to idle and hate going too fast, but in their sweet spot, they would happily run forever.
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Roger the "Sweet Spot" --- Most diesels don't like extended (more than maybe ten minutes) of slow idle and definitely don't like pushing far beyond their Peak Torque RPM for very long either. Keep them happy by maintaining that preferred RPM and they will be good to you for a half-million miles (all other considerations being clean air, clean fuel, etc.) A good argument for the right transmission and rear end.
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In my other "before retirement" life, we had a truck with a 3208 that grenaded due to lack of oil. The Co. ordered a new CAT crate engine and it was installed.
The truck used a cool down timer on the start switch...Turn off the engine and it would run for 5 min. Apparently someone mis wired that switch, the truck was finished on Friday evening. The truck was left at low idle in yard until Sunday afternoon when a supr. came to the yard to clean up some paperwork and heard 'something' running.

That new engine never ran worth a damn and used oil like crazy, had a short life and was gone.

I never low idle more than a few minutes myself. If I need to run the engine I use the fast idle switch and run it at about 800 rpm. I have an adjustable prop. if need more RPM.

P.S. I got my CDL in the 60's when it wasn't even mandatory and the test was about as hard as a reg. lic.
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Off to another glamping adventure tomorrow. This is an annual meeting of our little off road club and always fun. The WX looks to be perfect.

Pics will follow next week.
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Originally Posted by dond View Post
Arizona doesn't care about color. I have yet to venture out of state but when I do it will probably be CA. and I've heard they don't like SBY on retired school buses, BUT, it is titled/registered as an RV so we may have to do a challenge!

If we have members in CA. or other states, perhaps they can confirm if their state allows yeller
According to the CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer that pulled me over, SBY is a no-no.
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New Jersey is also a non-SBY state.
Hey! That's not an RV, that's a school bus.
Well thank you for noticing, Captain Obvious

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So is WV- no SBY, stop signs, crossing arms or yellow flashers.
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