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[QUOTE=Tango;215233]Wires! --- Once the electrician signed off on my arrangement I decided to go for it. Managed to pull the four forward 120v AC wires today. Bit of a bear but they are now in place. All are 12/3 SO (Service, Outdoor) and the weight adds up.

Here is the bundle pulled through the pool vac hose I am using to protect them all. Tight fit but some wire lube helped a lot.

Front wiring will go to a Microwave, fridge outlet and a couple of two gang service outlets.

Everything connects to the multi-function converter/charger/controller in the rear. A 30 amp plug will draw from any power pole at parks and a pigtail will connect the system to my genny.

I will never be able to run too many things at once, but I think I can live with 30 amps.

Also picked up all the breakers today and will pop them in manana.

On your way to the good vibs you will get once that 'wire stuff' is completed.
Is it coincidence??? But it seem that you have a knack for finishing you day, right about "happy hour?" That IS a wonderful trait, and I envy it, as well as all your other skills.
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Hey Tango,

I am looking at your pictures and wonder if your electrician friend mentioned anything about "conduit fill"?

Conduit Fill Calculator - Best Online Conduit Fill Calculator
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Yes, we did talk about fill. His view was that it should be fine given that my actual usage will be so low. Each wire is a dedicated circuit and in reality, I can only operate about two at once with my 30 amp breaker limit.

And Roger the critical timing for Happy Hour. Start work early then take a break for some tasty adult beverages.

Sadly, yesterday was a wake for an old friend and legendary blues harp man Tommy (Big Daddy Gumbo) Dar Dar. We did what we could to help his family with expenses. Tommy had played with just about every "name" in the business and was a truly interesting guy. His stories about his life in music belong in a movie.

He is missed.

Been a rough year for losing friends and drinking buddies. I think I need to pick up a copy of that book..."All my friends are dead".
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Cool Stuff! --- Well...actually, more like COOLING stuff. The CAC/Rad package arrived from Wizard cooling and I set about installing it. They appear to have done a great job of converting my sketches into aluminum. Getting the mounting holes drilled just right was tricky. Then I decided to add some 1/8" rubber in between the two units. I was concerned that the welds might be barely touching in a couple of spots and this opened those areas up just enough.

The CAC (Charge Air Cooler...aka; intercooler) is in front with the air horns going over the top of the rad.

The radiator and fan bring up the rear. Still trying to decide whether to run the fan off a temp sensor or just put it on a toggle switch.

Fairly hefty package when it is all together. No doubt, it will be in & out a few more times. Only had to tap new threads on one of the six hold-down nuts. Not too bad for being 71+ years old.

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Tango, that is beautiful and a monument to your creativity! As to whether to use a temp sensor or a toggle switch, error on the side of caution and install both. My little four banger has a variable speed fan on a sensor and it changes speed up and down as evidenced by the racket it makes under heavy engine load. Since my bus is multiplexed it wouldn't be a simple thing to add the toggle switch without having unexpected consequences. As you've managed to avoid that sort of thing, the toggle switch should be a straight forward thing.

Again, the way your intercooler fits under the hood line is a beautiful thing. Jack
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THAT is a thing of beauty!!!!!
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Thanks Guys --- It was a bit of a challenge trying to come up with a package that would fit but appears to have turned out OK so far. I will still need to hang a condenser for the A/C somewhere up there but will probably have to test fit some body parts first to see what, if anything, is left as far as space in the nose.

Then there is the tranny cooler.

Right now it looks like it will have to hang one under the body...somewhere. Can't seem to get any straight answers from the aftermarket cooler makers regarding fluid flow rates. The Allison moves quite a bit of fluid and I don't want to restrict it. And the "factory" units I have seen are humongous. But all of the ones I have seen were designed for big rig megaload haulers. Don't believe I need quite as much as they do. I know Cadillac only has his tied in to the bottom of his radiator. Pretty much the same set-up as most sedans and pickup trucks. We'll see.

At least now I can get moving on hooking up the plumbing for the turbo.
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wow i hadsnt seen that yet!!! thats a super cool cooling package!!! looks at how thats built ands with just a sinfgle electric fan, id plan on the A/C being underneath somwhere.. depending on how many BTU you go with a sinfgle fan skirt or underbody condensor would work great.. that would give you room to put a trans cooler in front of your lower part of the radiator..

I used the stock cooler on my bus because i figured ifit can cool a slipping 545 it could more than cool a nice locked up 1000. the #12 fittings on the 1000 are actually not the norm for what comes on a 1000. the SAE3 bell ups the size.. we will know how well I do soon here when I take my bus on its first 1100 mile ride (likely next week).. with some "mountains" (up to 3000 feet)...

knowing what the guys at CAC are using for radiators and charge coolers on their 4BT;s (those guys put 4BT;s in anything that didnt have a diesel in it.., I think your cooling pack is going to do perfectly!
Lookin great!!
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Man, that looks cool!
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Thanks Again All --- Hey Chris...Id like to run an A/C parts list by you to see what you think. I am cobbling the A/system together from all over so your expertise would be greatly appreciated. I will post a list shortly.

The trans cooler is also still up in the air. Seems the aftermarket people are big on words like "heavy duty" and "race proven" but don't seem to know what amount of fluid their units will flow(?). I am still trying to get the numbers for an 11" x 19" Hayden unit with about a 10" fan and can't even get confirmed fitting sizes...duh? So much for detailed specifications.

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