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Bus Crazy
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Re: Advice Wanted on Safari Rack Installation

Heres a thought to stop slosh--fuel cell foam. Its basiclly a coarse sponge. It works well with (lighter) gas in fuel cells.
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Re: Advice Wanted on Safari Rack Installation

A 55 gal drum of water is about 400 lbs, if its full while your moving, their will be minimal sloshing, so of you use 2 55 gal drums to transport extra water and then gravity transfer it into your regular water tank the slosh effect will be moved closer to the center of gravity, just make sure that your topside reserve tanks are either full to the top or empty. another option is to use 15 or 20 gallon drums, they are available but not as cheap or easy to find.

IIRC the earlry plastic tanks/products had issues with UV deterioration, that has either been solved with the modern chemestry of plastics and or limiting warranties to a suitable timeframe that assures that the containers are out of warranty before degradation to failure is an issue.

If you want to fabricate your own tanks, I'd lean towards plywood boxes lined with fiberglass or a production poly tank with a tight fitting plywood box around it to support the flat surfaces.

I would also suggest that u install a 1/2'' pipe ''tie rail'' down low around the outside of your safari rack to make securing things easier.
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Re: Advice Wanted on Safari Rack Installation

Hi Bus-Ted-
It seems we share some common interests- I too am going to be hauling tipi poles and my bus is about the same size as yours.
I originally was going to get a large bus but found more versatility in a shorty plus a trailer, and then found even more versatility in two shorties that can tow each other if need be
I would second the thought that the best situation for a load rack would be to create the load bearing Z-axis portion of the rack on the curved structural members as gravity-mated while having the the X and Y-axis attachments just bolted on the sides.
For serious upper loads a crosstie made of aircraft cable could be used right under the curve to prevent any bowing. (like in unreinforced brick buildings)
I also want some gravity-fed water tanks, but my current best thought is to have them inside on shelves as high as they can be versus outside.
Others have talked about the impact of having weight up that high, but I'm wondering how much have actual experience with that?
We're talking about vehicles that weigh 15k-25k lbs, and while careful driving is always advised even 2000lbs (250gal of water) 10' up is not going to turn the vehicle in to some massive rollover danger.
That said, the slosh issue is real- and like you I've found that "RV tanks" seem to not even acknowledge such things.
Racing fuel cells acknowledge slosh bot don't come in large enough sizes- I'm thinking the best solution might be a standard RV tank with the above-mentioned foam in place.

What you thinking re solar?
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Re: Advice Wanted on Safari Rack Installation

Hey scosol-
So far, the only solar powered project on the drawing board is a hot water heater. That's something I can make myself. As far as pv's go, I don't know yet. $ is always the biggest deciding factor regarding stuff like that. I'd like to have a nice quality generator, for instance, and don't see the point in getting a piece of junk. So, I've got to prioritize and save for the big items.
Regarding the fuel cell foam, I've considered it, but something doesn't set quite right. Really it boils down to drinking water that's sifted through a plastic sponge just doesn't sound like it would ever taste very good. The water already has one strike against it in that it's going to be stored in plastic, so I'm just kind of leery of the foam on top of it. I've been reading a bit about phthalates, and I've never cared for the taste of water stored long term in plastic. I'll be insulating the container(s), and that will help, but I'm seriously considering the possibility of expensive, stainless tanks. A plus is that an acquaintance will fabricate them for a considerable savings, but the price of metals is skyrocketing. All in all, I'm just trying to get by with as little plastic as possible. I prefer glass, but it's not feasible.
Glad to know of another who enjoys the teepee life. After living in a teepee, it's hard to go back to anything remotely boxed- even ol' busbus. My bus is my mule team, though, and I try to treat it as such. I really am considering the transition to a late 60's military Kaiser, bobbed to a 2 axle, instead of a 3- axle drive. I've seen them for years, but the major drawback to me is that they're diesel (though a multi-fuel engine sure sounds good), and I have no experience working on them. I hate being at a mechanic's mercy. I'm only a half-assed mech. as it is- I can't do much to anything computer aged.

So, tell me about the two bus system. Do you caravan w/ others? On my end, it's just me and my son, who's not driving age just yet. Lone wolf and cub. We're gearing up for a move back to N.M. in the late Spring- the land of his birth.
Seeing as how I've got the gypsy blood, though, chances are good that we'll not be making it permanent. We just haven't found our village, so to speak. Maybe it's not even in America. I've touched all of the lower 48, and haven't been impressed with any of them enough to say to myself "Ahh... home at last!" I'm curious about Alaska, but I'm pretty sure it would be a similar story- the magic would be relatively short lived. The older I get, the more I sound myself to be total pessimist, which isn't the case. I love real, raw life- just not this canned crap being pushed off as 'the real thing'. Signing off.
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Bus Crazy
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Re: Advice Wanted on Safari Rack Installation

I'm thinking about having a 5 gallon water dispenser on the kitchen counter (strapped to the wall) for drinking water. That way I can see what's going on in the water and it is regularly rinsed and refreshed. I'm very leary of drinking from a water tank that I cannot easily monitor. It's too easy for mold or something to grow inside a plastic tank without me seeing it. The water in my main 50 gallon tank will just be for washing hands, toilet, etc.
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Re: Advice Wanted on Safari Rack Installation

Re the two busses, this is all in theory until I pick the second bus up next week in Oregon and drive it back down to SF
Here's my thinking- I'm a computer/Internet guy and can make a lot of money when I'm working but really get burnt out quick so I need the housing flexibility that can let me just goof around for 6 months if I want to- spend the winter in Tahoe snowboarding etc-
I'm coming out of a house I've owned for 10 years so I've accumulated a lot of "stuff"- so one bus I will live in, the other will be storage/workshop. Then as I go through all the stuff and sell what I don't need the storage bus can transform in to an "adventure" bus that I can take camping etc. It's a diesel and sits high, where the one I'm picking up is a low transit style and runs on CNG which means it's useless for any touring or off-roading.

Re the tanks, it's too bad none of them are absolutely clear as that would UV purify the water, but I'm not concerned about that too much anyway. Any cooking/drinking water would just come from purchased 3-gallon things from the store- I don't use much. The mass-stored water would be for showers and washing only.

Re PV, I'm shooting for 500w per bus eventually, with just 500w on the live-in bus initially. It's a good chunk of money for sure but not more than any major engine/tranny problem which could happen at any time. I'd rather not run a generator at all ever and simply plug in when/if I need to and also recharge everything slowly when I'm driving. I don't use heaters or AC so my electrical needs are pretty low.
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Re: Advice Wanted on Safari Rack Installation

Well right, I would have a wood stove in that case
My point was specific to electrical usage-
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Re: Advice Wanted on Safari Rack Installation

Ok, we finally picked up two shorties and we're beginning the planning stages. Does anyone have any detailed pictures of supports, where to bolt etc etc that would give me more of an idea what to do where? I've read this a few times but think the photos would help a ton. Thanks much. Scott
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