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I had a momentary dilemma about whether or not I should wait to install the rack until after painting the bus, and I ended up going ahead and drilling the holes and loosely bolting the rack down to keep it from flying away. I figured I would scratch the paint all to hell if I tried putting the rack up after I painted the bus (I did scratch some paint off of the rack), so I am just going to have to paint around it since it is up there. I still need to get the bearing pads and also some rubber washers for the inside.

I think I ended up lowering it about 3" overall with the leg re-work. Looks great. What's nice about the adjustable feet is (besides making it easier to wiggle everything in to place) that I can totally un-bolt and remove the rack and not have to compromise the seal through the roof because the feet brackets will remain!

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That last picture just says, "HEAD INJURY" all over it
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Originally Posted by Puggy View Post
That last picture just says, "HEAD INJURY" all over it
Yeah definitely got long enough bolts!
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OUCH! Get some of those rebar dunce caps to cover those bolts. Either that, or cut them back considerably.
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First coat down on the bus, used Majic tractor enamel from Tractor supply, with only half the recommended hardener it went down well with foam rollers but was a major pain trying to cut in with a paint brush. I'm going to apply second coat tomorrow and then really thin it down to do the finish work.
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I did a 98 Ford/Collins very similar to your bus but with diesel. I got 10-15 mpg but never drove that fast, usually under 65. Here's a link to my build. I have many more photos if you are interested.

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Got the second coat on today, plus did a lot of trim work. The easiest way, instead of masking off everything, was to just over paint the trim and have a rag handy to swipe the over paint off in a straight line. Worked easy since it's oil base.

I think I had about 5 people stop by today while I was painting and say how cool and fun this looks. A few cars passing by even slowed down to look at it more.

I'm going to probably order some type of decals, like mountains or ocean waves or something to add some flair. I want to do one of those RV state decal window things but I can't seem to find one small enough, I might custom make one on a license plate sized piece of metal to mount on the right license plate spot.
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I did some more touch ups and drove around the lake by my house today. While I was out taking this picture a couple drove up and asked about it and expressed their interest in buying it off of me if I was going to sell it, as they thought it would be great for their youth paddle sports program, to be able to hook up a trailer full of kayaks and paddleboards and haul the kids to places around the lake and riversports area to paddle around. I gave them my business card and told them if they were still interested to check back with me in May to see if I am going to sell the bus or move to phase 2 renovations, which I probably will because I want to at least do a beach road trip in this thing before I possibly sell it. That means I'll need to keep the seat though if I take them out of the bus.

I took some time trying to fix the horn and wipers, before I spent the money getting a new wiper motor I wanted to make absolutely sure that the motor/circuit board was bad. I chased the wires, made sure connections were solid, tested the voltage and everything looked good, so I just turned the wiper switch on and went to the front and wiggled the wipers arms and sure enough, after some effort, the motor broke free of it's frozen state and began working again. I guess the wipers weren't used in a long long time. The washer fluid pump works too, except there is a crack in the line right under the cowl so I need to get some new hose and replace that to get the fluid to spray where it is supposed to.

After that, I noticed that the horn/dm spot was missing its fuse, so I plugged one in and immediately the bus buzzer started going off. Well, that explains why they removed that fuse! I just cut the wire to the buzzer since it was not sensing all of the doors and windows were closed, and I wire-nut closed it off to prevent it from making contact with anything, and then found that the horn actually did work with the fuse plugged in. Unfortunately, I came out later on to find that the bus battery was drained, meaning that capping the end of the wire wasn't good enough of a solution and the control box was still trying to send voltage to the buzzer and it was slow draining the battery somehow, most likely through the control box itself so I need to find out what else I should unplug, cap off. For now, I'm happy that the horn circuit works and I'll just only plug the fuse in when I'm going to drive the bus (just have to remember to take it out when I'm done until I fix the issue!)

So at that, the only remaining issues are that I need to replace the slightly squeaky belt (and obtain a new spare) and get the tv and wall mount installed to complete the entertainment system. Once that is done, the Phase 1 bachelor party conversion will be complete!
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Looking sharp! Really like the rack. Can't wait to get our's on.
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Your paint looks awesome man! I hope ours turns out half as good.

I'm super jealous of that roof rack. Definitely going to consider building one on ours when we get start working on insulating the roof.
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