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I think your days running veggi oil are numbered boys. I saw where MickeyD is going to sell their WO to a recycler. It won't be long till the trucks are coming around and picking it up for $1 a gallon. Their waste is becoming a precious commodity and you will get squeezed out. They're doing the same thing to landfills, tapping them for Methane gas. When was the last time you trapped/tapped your methane gas? The wife and kids will help on that one
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There is a commercial outfit in Wisconsin that is getting in on the deal. They are buying up the WVO from a local chip factory, filtering it, and selling it for use in modified vehicles and heating equipment. They are charging about $1.50 for offroad stuff and $2.00 with road tax on it. No, it isn't as cheap as doing it yourself with free oil, but it is professionally filtered and settled oil. I would equate it to burning corn gas without taking such a big hit on fuel mileage.

The gentlemen running the operation have an interesting business plan that they claim will drop prices as volume grows. In addition to their recycled commercial oil they want to encourage farmers to grow rapeseed and cold press it into canola oil. The farmers would keep the leftover high protein feedcakes for dairy while selling the oil to the local eateries. This company would then come collect the used oil, process it, and sell it back to the farmers for use in their tractors for next year's crop. It is an ambitious plan and might be a little idealized, but it's a step in the right direction.
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For something they got for free and filtered?

Might as well just run diesel for 2.85/gallon and not have to worry about it.
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I'm not positive that they get it for free. They also pay $.50 in road tax on it. I think they're convinced that the price will drop with volume. If not they will fail. It's as simple as that. Atleast you know it is professionally filtered. The only thing is I don't know that you still have grounds to go after them if your engine is toast since it's not even an official alternative fuel (yet some fuel called P-series is).
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Rick ….Here’s a few links to sites that deal with Wood Smoke Generators that are pretty interesting from a do it yourself point of view … ... fired.html

Because I just like checking things out I picked up the plans for building a wood gas setup from Mother Earth News and think they did their usual good job of explaining things …. ... Number=762
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It is the people who are seeing dollar signs and collecting all the oil that will end it. I am sure they started with good intention, but following The same profit model of the companies they seek to replace will just recreate the current paradigm. What is needed is to boycott the companies and collect the oil yourself. This is the moment where we can take control of our energy supply, a critical need if we wish more autonomy. Eventually they will make it illegal to do it yourself, and like the water and other resources, they will attempt to horde it and feed off of our lives. This is the moment to resist this trend and do the work, or farm it out to a collective in which you exchange time and not money as we are accustomed to doing. If we do it ourselves and refuse to pay money, it will have no value. Otherwise, we are just going to see Shell/BP/Exxon growing corn in impovershed countries and profiteering, while the local people starve and have to compete for resources with the fuel we will be using to drive our vehicles. This is no longer an acceptable arrangement. Our happiness must not be predicated by the suffering of others who just wish to live. We are all in the same boat....

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grease has almost always been sold or given to rendering companies , the new press for wvo is not helping the resale to veggie oil burning vehicles, a good read on the redtape of wvo is biodiesel power lyle estill from the piedmont biofuel coop group.
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With commercial grade diesel now running close to $5 per gallon, it's still a bargain if you have to pay the Chinese restaurant down the street a couple bucks a gallon for their old oil...

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I am close to buying a kit. I have been looking around and if you are going to pay to have it done, Golden Fuel Systems have a number of places that will convert it for you. So far, it looks to be very on the high side for labor cost and any customization or fabrication that will need done. I have been studying the theory and I am more comfortable with Frybrid. These guys have installation shops but they are on either coast. Check out the Frybrid forums, there is a butt load of knowledge there.
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We just started a collection and conversion company out here in Colorado, things have changed in the past year but it's still out there. Just make sure you read the labels on the drums and don't steal from biofuels companies.
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