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I like all the creativity here.

In my case, I don't think the tank has time to freeze up. Remember... 3-4 gallon showers at about 1.5 gallons per minute. That's about 2-1/2 minutes of propane use.

I'll let someone else heat the tank with shower water. Or maybe hold it under their pits.
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I'll shed a little light on the subject, for those who are unaware of the dynamics of propane...

The reason the propane cools off is due to decompression (adiabatic cooling). It is entirely possible to get the propane cylinder so cold that it will completely stop putting off vapors. This is where the water bath comes in. It is not possible to overheat the propane cylinder unless you're using water that's over 100 degrees, as this is how hot a propane cylinder might get from ambient outdoor temperatures.

The question remains, does the cylinder have enough output to run the L5 (or is it L10?) heater? Easy enough to answer, if it has the output to do it for more than 10-20 seconds then it has the output to do it indefinitely, it just comes down to a heat/cold balance within the liquid propane itself.

A larger tank has a larger "heat bank" to draw from before it goes below it's boiling point than a smaller tank would. You can easily get a 20lb tank too cold to off-gas, done it plenty of times. Same reason that a propane heater on a porch will have poor performance if the tanks are left in the shade in January. You can put a 20lb tank in a tub of warm water to help as well.

Finally, 20 years of hazmat experience pays off!
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I'm in a pevish mood and your tiny cylinder flat arse won't work. Go ahead and try to prove me wrong! That idea won't even keep the water temp in a L5 at body temp let alone allow for a navy shower --I mean really. Jack
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What I've Learned About Propane and Portable Cylinders
i use the l5 and love the thing. i have mine mounted below a bathroom vent that i can turn on if i want to. the tank is in the next room and wont get to cold to freeze up. the other thing i noticed, i keep the door to the bath open when i take showers so i don't use the fan. when i have company and shut the door it will flame out from humidity if i don't run the fan. i was first informed of this from a pissed of lady with soap in her hair.
living in a bus down by the river.
my build pics
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