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Bus Crazy
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FWIW: Ship woodstove Boat woodstove

If you install too large a stove you will sacrifice some efficiency. Trying to maintain a tiny fire in a big stove is not ideal. The stove you are looking at will plain run you out of your short bus if you build a good fire in it.

The Dickenson wood stoves are another to look at. If you do look at Dickenson be sure and shop them hard. I have seen the same stove vary from less than $600 to over $1100 from different sellers.
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I bought a stove! After your guys input I wanted something smaller.

Here it is: GreenThunder Conversion by mccolgan4731 | Photobucket

Got it for 80 bucks on CL. As you can see from the pictures (tell me if the link doesnt work this is my first time using photobucket) the main cylindrical burner section of it is about 9.5" in diameter and 7.5" tall it then has a shallow area above the main cylinder part that is an additional 3-4" above the cylinder part.

I am still not that close to installing it.. I need to finish my floor. Plan on having the floor finished next weekend Oct 21-23. I might have my cousin who helped me weld new sheet metal on the floor build me a steel stand for this stove.

Here are some concerns I have..

1) Do you guys think this stove will be warm enough? Cant wait for the temps to drop to fire it up.

2) If I take the legs off this stove and mount it roughly 2 feet in the air will just the top half of the bus get warm or will the heat disperse to the floor nicely?

3) I picked up a DuraVent DuraPlus triple walled chimney pipe 36" long on CL brand new in the box for $30!! (usually about $130 at home depot) This pipe has a 6inch inner diameter. Will I be able to use 6" stove pipe with this stove or is that too wide? I know nothing about how chimney pipe diameter would effect the draw on a small stove like this.

Thanks again!
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Year: 2001
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Chassis: Ford E450
Engine: 7.3l Powerstroke (chipped)
Anyone have any thoughts on these concerns??
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It will heat up the bus. As the hot air rises it starts a convection. The trick is to have super good control and and not use the open flame to heat the air with but to heat the stove and radiate your heat from there exhausting the moisture in the propane out of the bus so its no condensing or raining inside. Its the difference from dry heat to wet heat. I have the Dickeson model. super spendy 1" STAINLESS Exhaust CHIMNEY Usually on its lowest setting in Washington when its freezing its comfortable with the ability to blast you out. Its mounted on a wall up a ways and really creates great air movement with some air always go up the flew drawing in of course cold air but fresh air.

That's going to be a nice stove.
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