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The best deal on propane, when purchasing over 30 gallons, is at U-haul. Purchases over 30 gallons are sold at cost and U-haul's are basically everywhere, not to mention gas stations.

As said previously, it all depends on how you're going to use your bus. Will you be taking long trips? Most of us highly prefer diesel engines, and the propane buses sell quite cheaply for that reason. If someone converted a propane bus to and RV, it still doesn't measure up in value to a normal diesel bus conversion in my opinion.
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Propane vehicles in general are preferred in Canada due to their very economically priced propane. That is where propane vehicles have value.
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If I could put in my 2cents worth?
My folks had an 86 class A 20ft. a few years back with the 440 chrysler and although it ran nice and was not short on power by any means it was a bit pricey to drive. I used it twice that I remember, once on a trip east across the prairies and once west into the mountains.
Both trips were just over 300 miles one way and I think the fuel bill was aprox.$300.00 on each occasion. Unfortunatly I don't recall the price per litre at the time. There are still quite a lot of vehicles running on propane here in Canada and it's not hard to find filling stations. Shouldn't be any more difficult on your side of the border. Also thanks to googgle and gps it's a lot easier nowdays to map out a route with available fuel so you don't get caught.
Also make sure you get an addapter hose set up so you can use your bbq tank in an emergency, you will invert the bbq tank when it's attached to the engine so that you get liquid fuel. As a side note some engines like propane better than others and there are proper and improper conversions. They will all work but the more work that's put into a conversion the better it will perform and the longer it will last.
A good conversion will have stellite valves, hardened valve seats, re-curved distributor and about 11-1/2 to 1 compression.
and that's all i've got to say bout that
good luck whatever your decision
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I agree with booboo, Propane is readily available, most every where. If in doubt use the internet to check ahead for fill stations, if the regular "gas stations or Truck stops" don't have it the local Propane retailer most certainly will.
I drive 18 wheeler hauling Propane.
Our company supplies propane to a few school districts in the area that run their school buses on propane.
Many of our trucks run on either propane/diesel or propane/gas.
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Everybody agrees there's no problem getting propane here in the US. The point is propane is relatively cheap compared to gasoline in Canada, but in the US propane is more expensive than gas. Economics plays a big part in the decision to get a propane bus here in the lower 48.
Like everyone say, it all depends on how you want to use it. What's practical for your situation. Not all of us want the same things in a bus. If you're going to do coast to coast driving, sure it's possible with propane. Diesel might allow a little more boondocking since it's easier to carry extra fuel.
Don't you think propane buses are actually designed to run locally?
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heres the other use for propane, as an additive to a diesel engine to get extra mileage. old owner operator truckers mention 15-20 % diesel savings with propane injection rigs more power is a good thing just keep it uphill of the turbo and have a timed shutdown switch so the propane is shut off before the engine is. some even use a boost switch to gas it only when boost is present in the intake system. a poor skoolie's nitrous oxide injection.(no you wont make that kind of power on propane).
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