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Originally Posted by Offgr1d View Post
I have a Twitter account you can follow - @offgr1d

I will also be making a website to document the bus conversion.

Just followed. DANG!

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Originally Posted by Offgr1d View Post
Mine is a T945 and yes it has a Cummins M11

The aqua system will also handle the heat. There is an instant water heater that is on the circulation pump for the 30gal tank. It's temp is monitored and has its own contactor to turn on/off.

Where I am in the build, I have not totaled everything yet. (Kinda don't want to) lol I do have every single receipt from purchases and I'll want to know in the end when it's complete.

Large items fit through the windows. I've had a full size couch come in through there. The Windows will swing out from a top hinge almost completely flush with the top level of window.. Makes acces easy..
I wonder if it would be beneficial to use thermal collectors on the roof to heat the PG (glycol) in the colder months?
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I think solar could completely do well to heat the glycol for my internal heat. I'm just not usually in an area that would require a huge amount of heat. The Vegas winters aren't too bad. I would rather use the roof space for electric solar panels being that most of my appliances and usage is currently electric.

I do wonder how small I could make a collector? I've seen the black painted pex in a glass box deal and if that fluid could circulate into my tank only when heating is required it could work well. I didn't have much issues last winter with a simple space heater. But I DO like the idea of solar. This may be something I'll look into in the near future as I get the rig to be more situated for "offgrid".

Thanks for the idea
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I'm planning on having two solar water panels, probably home-made, to complement my eight PV panels already on the roof. I'll keep them simple, maybe using a long coil of black-painted copper pipe inside a shallow box with a glass cover - home-made evacuated tubes made from old fluorescent lamps are beyond my abilities! My biggest potential problem may be to prevent the water inside from boiling and flashing into steam on a hot day, so some sort of automatic drain-back design based on water temperature will be necessary.

With 2kW of solar I should be able to also heat my domestic hot water in the afternoons, after the batteries are fully charged, using excess power from the panels that would otherwise go to waste. If you want to fully carpet your entire roof you could have a lot more PV than me - my eight grid-tie panels occupy about 22 feet of roof length, leaving about 7 more feet for water panels. One incidental benefit to covering the roof is that the bus gets much less hot inside on a hot day.

If you're interested in heating your glycol in wintertime you should check insolation data for your chosen winter locations: The amount of solar watts per square meter and the number of usable solar hours per day will determine how much panels you'll need for any given amount of BTUs heating. The good folk at the Northern Arizona Wind & Sun forum have all the answers I ever need for matters PV, so it may be worth your while to peruse their cornucopia of wisdom and experience.

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You can get creative with water heating, a smaller box with some concentrating lenses and inside a heat spreader reduces the footprint of the box.. clear tubes run around the perimeter of pv panels for instance, these square tubes act as your box , you can decide what is inside the greenhouse tubes for color and material, per runs through them.
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