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8.2L Diesel maintenance

Hi guys! I'm a newbie that's been lurking (dreaming) for a while, but I just haven't had the time/money to buy a bus and start a conversion. Now I've finally done it! I just found a bought an '89 GMC 66 pass with a stock 8.2L diesel (non-turbo) that has already been converted. The family of 9 I bought it from did a great job on the conversion! They drove it to Honduras and back and lived in it for several months. I hope to take my family of 10 to Yellowstone in it someday. The inside is great (bunks, toilet, sinks, stove, etc.). I just finished installing a Suburban RV furnace, and am designing a shower. My wife says the outside needs a little cosmetic work, but she smiled when she said it, so I'm OK.

No idea how many miles, (it says 18,800 - yeah right) but it starts/runs great! It's also got a 40% overdrive/direct/low range transmission in line behind the stock 5 speed, so I can almost hit 65 downhill!

Now I'm looking for advice on how to take care of my new baby. I don't want to start any arguments, but I'd love to hear some opinions on brands of diesel oil, antifreeze/additives, filters, etc., as well as max RPM's to run, maintenance intervals, and anything else you can think of that would help me make it last a l-o-n-g time. I have some diesel farm equipment that I use the manufacturer's fluids in, but I've never run a diesel over the road, and don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to maintenance/repairs. I'd appreciate any tips you could give.

I'm suprised you don't have a "maintenance/repair" feature forum. Hope I did the right thing posting this in "Everything else"...

I'm glad that I finally "qualify" to join the group!
Thanks in advance for your opinions.
Ken Wotring
Aurora, WV
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I change my oil between 5k and 7.5K miles. Synthetic's are great oils, but one big drawback is that if your engine consumes or leakes conventional motor oil, it'll be far worse on synthetic.

I stick with either rotella T or mobil Delvac diesel engine oil.

i'm not familiar with the 8.2 that a Detroit motor?

it's 4:30 in the morning, i should be sleeping
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Thanks! Hope you got some sleep.
The Rotella T seems inexpensive and easy to find, and I wondered if it was any good.

My engine says "GMC" on the sticker on the valve cover, but I'm told it was manufactured by Detroit for GM. ?
The bus has a GMC 6000 chassis, 26,000 GVW if that's any help.

There's a little leak in the radiator, and it started to get low on coolant on the way home from NC, so I bought some Prestone and dumped it in. Now I see some old posts that I need to use a "diesel" antifreeze with some anti-foaming agent? Any advice on that?

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The 500ci (8.2) is a Detroit engine...not one of their better attempts, but marginally acceptable in a school bus. Don't lug it, don't overheat it, don't run it low on oil, & don't overrev it. Add an oil cooler, if it doesn't already have one.

Any CF-4 or better oil should work...essentially, almost any 15W-40 (Delvac, Rotella, Wal-Mart Tech2000). I'd check the manual (or ask a DD service guy) about the coolant. For synthetic oil, Rotella T Synthetic or Mobil 1 Truck & SUV (formerly Delvac 1) 5W-40. DO NOT USE regular 15W-50 synthetic!

I would absolutely not run >2400RPM for any length of time.
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