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It's winter now, all tracks closed I think. May try a couple in the spring. Yea, been to that bus site a couple times, some good info. Some don't seem to keen on skoolies though. As with anything, varied opinoins on the 5.9. Heck one guy loves them one day and hates them the next. I will probably blend for now (10% RUG 90% wvo, and mix that 50/50 w/diesel)
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Re: Best engine/IP for a WVO conversion?

Originally Posted by runnysucklehose

I know that the Cummings 5.9 is common and there are mixed feelings about its power and reliability mentioned all over this forum. Someone with bus conv. ecperence recomended the "Detroit 8V71, a 6V92 or even a 8V92" and one bus I am interested in is a 93 thomas w/ a Cat 3116, seems like a true medium duty engine used all over the place, but that's all I know. My RV's GVWR is maxed out right now at about 15,000 loaded and fuled up and the Chevy 454 is under powered. I am not looking for more speed, I am just sick of those white knuckle hill climbs, wathcing the temp inch up. Speed is not the issue so long as it makes it from point a to point b with little worry. My bus will be set up to carry about 250 gallons of Veggie oil at a time plus some reg. diesel, in addition to all my other worldly posessions with me now in the RV. So all things considered, what do you all think?

Thanks in advance.
a veggie oil requires heat of course and getting the radiator fluid to the tank is difficult
try these peeps
they have the real preheater for a bus. it will preheat ALL fuels before burning. had i known these people before i would have their stuff in my bus now.
any kind of tank that will hold fuel amounts of more than 5 to 10 gals is going to co$t. is it worth it? i think it may. 200 gals is really not that much, considering the work you must do to filter it. devising a way to pull up to a barrel of veggie oil and heat/filter/deliver it to your tank is the real key. Having a place to store multiple 55 gal drums to let it settle naturally is key too.

I used to drive a truck with a Cat 3116. it rarely needed service ever. i drove it for 3 years steady for a sewer truck all over the east coast. we have a detroit diesel 8.2 now and i think it may not work well for veggie per the by pass needed to not send the extra veggie oil back to the tank.
frybrid has better options.
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Bypass to not send the fuel back? Why wouldn't you want to send it back? It will help heat the tank and makes priming way easier. It will also reduce backpressure on the IP. There is a reason the manufacturers designed the system with a return line, atleast in my opinion. Sure it might take a bigger heater since you aren't "recycling" heated WVO, but it also will force the fuel to go back through the heater instead of just possibly cyling over and over again through the IP cooling down. It will also do a nice job of heating the tank. My flat plate heat exchanger is terribly effective at heating the oil and it's small and compact versus a huge in-tank heater that costs fuel capacity. I'm actually thinking about installing a bypass so I can cycle the oil through the flat plate and straight back to the tank during the initial warm up period just to make sure nothing has solidified in the tank since I just have a relatively small pick up heater at the tank outlet.
Skooling state at a time...
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