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Brake line leak?

This appears to be a break line, right?

Noticed today after a short run down the street that she was leaking. Judging from the leak spots on the ground this is a new leak as of two outing ago. When I press the brakes the clear fluid darn near squirts out that bolted hose area. Doesn't appear to be leaking any other time.

So is this something we can fix ourselves? Anyone know what it is called by chance?
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Re: Brake line leak?

Depending on your level of comfort pretty much ANYTHING can be do it yourself. Brake lines aren't all that hard. With out seeing the other side, that may be just a bulkhead fitting, used as a junction to go through the frame. The tubing is just steel tubing available at any auto parts store. It comes in various lengths, if there isn't one long enough there are couplers available to put more than one together. You will also need a tubing bender, also available at auto stores.Don't try to bend it any sharper than the bender will make, if you kink it, it's no good. You won't be able to get tubing that has the "spring" wound around it. It is on there to enable them make the sharp bends. You won't be able to make the sharp bends of the original shown in the picture, just get it as close as possible and make sure to secure it so it doesn't rub or vibrate another hole in the new one. From the looks of the pipe right next to it, it is ready to start leaking any second now, probably when you touch it while working on the other one. Some surface rust is OK, but that "flaky" rust means that the metal wall of the tube is very thin.

I would suggest that this is a very worth while project for DIY, a shop will charge quite a bit for the job, and it looks like you might have a few more to replace. You will also have to bleed the brakes when you are done. There should be plenty of info on the web about doing that. You don't need fancy equipment to bleed brakes, just two people.
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Re: Brake line leak?

Great info, thank you! Looking into parts now. We might as well do them all as most appear to need it.
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Re: Brake line leak?

You tube has some good videos that will teach you everything you need to know about repairing brake lines. Learn how to double flare and get the tool. Learn to cut and bend brake line and get a tubing cutter and tubing bender and also a set of flare wrenches.

When joining two brake lines together always use a brass union. NEVER, NEVER, use compression fittings to couple two brake lines. Do not ever listen to someone if they tell you that it is OK to use a compression fitting for brake lines, no matter what they are wrong. Compression fittings have their place but it isn't on brake lines.

Compression fitting

Brass union
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