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Changing engine on FE?

Do you pull it out the top? Grill area? Drop it from underneath?
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Just a guess here. I'm a mechanic and own a FE. I've considered the same thing and it looks like it needs to come out the front. Maybe pull the "face" off the bus (the parts that unbolt including bumper), drain coolant & remove the radiator & coolant hoses, Remove air duct work, unbolt the cross-member, support the trans (if not removing), unbolt the torque converter, unhook the electrical, fuel lines, linkages, exhaust, etc. Either support engine on a rolling dolly or heavy duty chrerry picker and unbolt the front mounts and bell housing bolts and slide forward.
Like I said, just a guess. Trying to jack that thing high enough to remove from below is going to be a real challenge. Trying to get it up out of the hatch opening and out the door is even a bigger one. I have done that sort of thing (marine mechanic bringing engines out and in through a side door) but honestly unless you have a very agile and strong way to manipulate a 1500lb.+ engine safely I wouldn't try that approach.

Hope this helps.
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I ask because of my pipe dream of using an FE for hot shot hauling. I think a converted FE would clean up a little better, but considering the mileage I would rack up, I need to keep in mind the reality of having to change the engine. Also an FE maximizes length and has better visibility for negotiating tight turns.

All food for thought.
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In order to change an engine in an FE you have to be very creative, have a really solid floor on which to work, and be prepared to work in some really tight spaces.

Most FE buses the engine will go in and out through the front.

Most of the front end of the bus will come off. It is the same process you have to go through to remove the radiator.

Once the radiator is out you use an engine hoist to pull it out. Depending on the hoist you will only have an inch or two of lifting space available.

The other way is once the radiator is out you use a fork lift to lift it out.

In either case you only have a very small amount of upward space with which to work.

Good luck.
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I live just across the road from a bus yard that keeps around 100 buses on the road. They have many front engine TC2000's.

To swap out a engine, we completely disassemble the front end.
Then we compleatly disconect the engine and trans.
We lift the engine and trans from the bottom with floor jacks. We only lift it 2 inches.
Using jack stands or wood blocks we support the engine and trans from the floor.
Now we leave the engine in one place, and roll the bus backward off the engine and trans.

Moving the bus back is safer than trying to pull the engine forward due to the engine and trans being a bit harder to support while moving.

What happened to the engine that you need to change it?

Hope this helps.

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