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DT 466 Oil/Water Light

Today we were climbing to 8000 feet elevation, when the Oil/Water light came on dinging dinging. This was about half an hour out and in the morning so temp was high 70s and bus was fresh cold.
I drove it the mile to next exit and the light went out going down the offramp then back on when going up the wee hill to a spot we could park. Sat for an hour, check all the fluid lvls and found everything perfect. Bus was struggingling a bit that last ten mins of driving, I don't think Fran liked that last few 3 and 4% grade ascends.
Have since droven her in 20 minute spurts up and down and a bit of city driving. No light. She does sound a bit rough if I'm doing uphills but hasn't lost power so far.
Temp gage isn't working Again.... dalkdsjf electrical. Not sure what the problem was. Is it something with dt466? We see no sign of oil burning, coolant problems, even hoses seem normal running temp (can touch them, they're not burning hot).
Any ideas? Sure can't afford to hit a mechanic as I just spent 800 for tires. ouch.
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Re: DT 466 Oil/Water Light

Check out this thread it should help you out ... 16932.html
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Re: DT 466 Oil/Water Light

Off hand, it sounds like a combustion gas leak into the engine coolant. Check your coolant level and see if you can detect soot in it, or an oil scum accumulating on the top of the coolant level. The gas can cause a momentary loss of coolant pressure and overheating. Lower loads=less of a problem.
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Re: DT 466 Oil/Water Light

Reading the link helped understand what the light is for, thanks
I decided to do a little test driving, so have done the last few nights drive 3 hours a night when temps are below 60. Fran did great. 8k eleveation, 7k, 6k, 5%grades etc she did pretty dang well. Did need to turn on the heater to help cool her once she had driven an hour-ish depending on the grade of hills that night. But dang if you drive her in city during those 80plus temps for even 30 mins she overheats. Grrr. We decided to get the hell out of hot country by driving nights so are now in Idaho heading for Oregon (our main goal--almost there!).

Can't see any of the scum mentioned but maybe that is due to the fact she's driven some rough roads, gets all shaken up?
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Re: DT 466 Oil/Water Light

SOunds to me like you have a problem with the cooling system! It should NOT overheat--city driving, hills, never! I spent 4 days driving through 95+ degree temps with my Genesis and it never ran above 195 degrees, even pulling long grades! You might need a water pump or radiator.
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Re: DT 466 Oil/Water Light

get that gauge fixed and put in a back up one if you can!
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Re: DT 466 Oil/Water Light

After a year of driving the Cascades, some of the Rockies we've found that this little problem only happens when we quickly climb a couple thousand feet. Stopping for ten or so minutes seems to allow it to adjust to the higher elevation, not a sign of overheating at all. A highway worker in the Cascades stopped to make sure we were okay when it happened after climbing 2500 elevation (we were near 5k at that point) and said he sees that happen with a lot of vehicles. *shrug*

Just an update for those having similar weird high elevation issues.
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Re: DT 466 Oil/Water Light

i would think first you would need an accurate temp gauge at the motor itself. then, if it is not running hot on that gauge, you could look for other issues.. and a good temp gauge doesnt cost much, but will help a lot for diagnostics...
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Re: DT 466 Oil/Water Light

Naw, no need to altitude adjustments. Front engine bus you shouldnt have any heat issues. Fan all good, no water pump leaks, belts loose, shutters stuck....wait, that shouldnt have shutters. I think I am showing my age. Coolant levels good, radiator cap on tight, not leaking? Radiator blockage? Put a real gauge on it, not an idiot light. Get hold of a point and shoot IR thermometer. You should be able to hammer down all day long, up, down, whatever, with no issues.
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