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While in the USCG we monitored the engine oil for fuel oil dilution. If the oil ever reached 5% dilution we were required to change the oil. Finding the source was of course a priority. Excessive fuel in the oil causes premature wear to any moving part and can cause crankcase explosions. As an alternative I would get the engine up to operating temperature and drive for a while, drain the oil while it is good and hot. Change the filters, refill with clean oil, and repeat after a really good run. In my opinion draining the oil while hot after a good long run would remove most junk safely than the diesel.
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I've heard of this being done in the old days on gas engines, never a diesel. I wouldn't do it for the shear fact that ulsd fuel is a terrible lubricant. You're likely to ruin bearings and piston skirts by doing this.

If you're having issues with sludge/build up inside the engine, add some atf into the mix and shorten your oil change intervals a few times.

Maybe use a high detergent motor oil afterwards to keep it in check.

But I would definitely, without question, not use diesel fuel in place of motor oil in a running engine.
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I have used diesel in a 70/30 mix many times to flush an engine that had a head gasket or oil cooler leak. It works well, but I only idle the engine for 10 to 15 min. I would not do this to flush an engine for any other reason.
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fuel injectors are operated by the oil. i dont know ifni would try this. you might use something like seafoam or lucas. i havnt used one on a disel, but i have had goood success woth seafoam in my tank with a high compression engine. havnt teied the crankcase yet.

but fuel.... mmmmm, your oil pressure should technically be too low to run if you replacenit with all disel fuel. i can see how a small portion would thin ouy the oil and maybe clear up some gunk.

and if you dont leave it run too long thenoil ahoulsnt get thin enough to drop your pressure. injectors might malfunction if it drops.

who knows. your gamble. good luck
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I'd lean towards finding another "mechanic". Absolutely no reason to even try what he is suggesting. Diesel oil will be dirty, it's a carbon thing. Pay no attention to the color. Warm it up, drop the oil, change the filter (make sure the gasket comes with the old filter), refill with oil and have a great day.

BTW, that 3116 should come in right about 28 quarts so a 5 gallon bucket won't work but two will if you're good at shuffling them around.
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HotShot's has a really good oil additive and an awesome fuel additive. I've been running the stuff for a while now and have put it in four buses. I'm NOT into additives. But the stuff is really worth it.
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The closest thing I've heard of to this is using kerosene in your fuel system to clean your injectors. Earlier this year my engine was hesitating at odd times so my mechanic ran kerosene for several minutes and it really made a difference. Even with that you have to be careful because there's no lubricant in the kerosene.

Originally Posted by bus-bro View Post
If you operated the engine with a significant amount of coolant in the oil, and are using the diesel to flush the gunk out, you don't need to worry about the bearings. They're gone already.
Yes, they're gone if you're using diesel to flush out the gunk. But I had a top end rebuild on my 466 because of the coolant/O-rings and my bearings were fine. But I'm sure if I had added diesel to it- yikes!!!
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cat 3116, diesel, oil flush

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