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I studied hyboosting just after the turn of the century, before "they" shock-tested the global supply/financial system in 2005/6 by running up the price of oil beyond what consumers will pay, and then lowering it back to a price that they will go back to their "old everyday lifestyles".
I had asthma then and now. I wrote this for my website in about 2005:

Regarding Air Pollution:

  • In a study released by the United Nations, 3,000,000 people die each year from Air Pollution.
  • A study by Stanford University economist Victor Fuchs, published circa 2004 in the journal Health Affairs, found hospital admissions for respiratory problems were 19 percent higher in the 37 cities with the worst air pollution, compared with the 37 areas with the least pollution; correspondingly, Health Care Costs for the elderly dramatically increased in polluted areas.
  • Death rates in the U.S. from Asthma have doubled overall since 1980, with childhood deaths increasing 80%. This increase has been in concert with air pollution increases. Currently, over 4000 people a year die from Asthma Attacks.
In essence more people, including innocent children, die each year from Air Pollution than those killed in the 9/11 attacks. We have a “war on terrorists,” but what about a “war on Air Pollution?”
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I don't know much about hydrogen other than it is flammable. I have heard about people making hho generators and hooking them up to their vehicles, and have seen many video's on YouTube about it. I never thought much of it really but I also did not doubt its ability to add some mpg's. I ran across this article awhile back, it backs up what mountain gnome is saying about cutting down on emmisions. I'm sure it will do the same thing for gas engines too, and it has probably been known about for a long time no doubt.

I don't think "they" want us messing with the multi trillion dollar piggy bank by having cheap and clean energy sources that can't be controlled. Diesel engines were designed to run on peanut oil originally or any seed or vegetable oil for that matter, and doing so gives off way less emissions. There are so many ways to provide clean and cheap energy, one example is with a wood gasifier. In Europe during WW2 they produced many vehicles large and small with wood gasifier systems on them due to the petrol shortage. [flash=][/flash]
Hopefully that embed works.
Electric vehicles have been around for ages too. Early Electric
There used to be hundreds of different makes and models in the early 1900's, some with incredible mileage claims that even rival what we have now for electric vehicles, although at a much slower speed and without all the added accessories. They even had gas/electric hybrids, this one was claimed to get 48 mpg.
It seems like year after year all I see on average for most passenger cars in the U.S is 32 mpg...year after year, while adding on a boatload of electronics emissions and making it harder to work on anything. How about this 80 mpg ford focus diesel on the European market in 2011...
Anyway I could keep going but I'm not trying to hyjack this thread, and I'm sure this post will need approved by a moderator because I'm a noob and I have links in this post. By the time it gets approved it will be buried pages back where no one will see it anyway
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