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First I want to thank everyone who chimed in, you have all been so helpful!

I especially appreciate pointing me to 'VDO'. I thought I was missing some terminology because my google searches were all bringing up the wrong kind of gauges (ones with probes already attached). The VDO gauges so far look to have detachable sending units and seem to be a better fit both aesthetically and electrically.

For the VDO gauge in the image above, how should I connect the Red-White-Black wires?
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We have all blue birds here, so I can't really help you on the gauge part. but the top wires are for the light. the bottom 3 are the actuall sensor inputs. On our busses those wires are all in a 3 terminal plug in so you can't mix them up. If I had to guess. I'd say the black goes on the bottom terminal that's connected to the stud, and the red and white wires will go on the sides. The spade terminals should be labeled on the gauge which goes where like B+, S, and G but I can't see that on your picture.

Your best bet is to contact a Thomas dealer and ask them. Talk to somebody in the parts department and ask them for the correct part number and which wires go where.

The problem with getting a gauge online is that you don't really know what you need. 220, 240, 250, 280 *F? What resistance scale does the sender use? VDO makes 67 different water temp gauges, and that's assuming that it's vdo. Maybe they used isspro gauges. Since you don't have the old one, we just don't know. That's why you should contact Thomas because they should have the answers for you.
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Originally Posted by gobygoby View Post
I think you are right about the gauge being analog. So I have a question about the sending unit. I'm guessing it is some sort of thermocouple, is that correct? If so, it should have two wires, unless it's using the chassis as ground.
Close, but it's more likely a thermistor. A temperature-sensitive resistor. Could have two wires, or could have just a single wire and be grounded to its body so that the block casting/manifold/pipe bung in which the thermistor is mounted is also part of the electrical circuit.
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Originally Posted by gobygoby View Post
I couldn't find any Freightshaker dealerships. Did you mean Freightliner perhaps? At they linked to Premier Truck Group of Dallas. I will try calling them later today.
Yes, I meant Freightliner. Those who drove them call them Freightshakers.
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