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Engine: e450 6.0
sdr76, cadillackid, stu & filo, and heros of mine.
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The duty cycle that has killed more 6.0L's than anything else are the type that include a lot of idling or any other sort of duty cycle that doesn't allow the engine to get to operating temperature.

The reason why the Ford 6.0L and the IC VT365 became such a disaster in school buses is most school buses rarely ever run long enough to get warm enough for the EGR to work properly. The more you ran them cool the more the EGR got all plugged up. In a very short period of time the EGR not working caused major problems on the intake side where the EGR was supposed to be recycling. The insides of the engines that died as a result of the EGR failing are the blackest and dirtiest engines I have ever seen.

The same sort of destruction has happened in consumer vehicles that are used for daily driving--stop and go, relatively short distances, never get warmed up properly.

There are some 6.0L/VT365's out there that have gone long distances. In most cases the engines were in vehicles that got out and worked hard and got up to operating temperature. But as it has been noted, they do not last long at all if they get hot.

Warmed up is good. Hot is not good.
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My 2004 6.0L E-450 has 158k miles. I was told by the guy who owns DP Tuner that the bus engines are very detuned. Which might mean they'd be in better shape than the engine in a truck. Mine appears to be in very good shape, as far as I can tell. None of the telltale signs of impending failure.

So I tore into it proactively, to avoid future problems. I removed the everything in front of the engine (radiator, intercooler, fan, etc), everything on top of the engine, and the exhaust off the rear of it. New belt, water pump, PS pump, new bearings in the idler pulleys. New oil cooler, TIG welded the EGR cooler's exhaust passages and reinstalled it. Stiffer blue spring in the fuel pressure regulator. Cleaned out the turbo vanes and got them working again. Also had cold start / rough running problems and it turned out the be a bad power supply board in the Fuel Injector Control Module. Dorman replacement is $93 on Amazon and simple to change. I pulled mine out and re-soldered per instructions I found online. Truck starts and runs fine now.

I learned how to do this stuff by watching videos on youtube. Search for it.
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For good or ill I just bought one of these. 2005 6L F450 Super Duty Power Stroke pulling a 30 passenger shorty with 118000 miles on it. The bus and the engine are in fantastic shape.

I will have all of the filters and fluids changed by a mechanic immediately; oil, coolant, transmission, etc. I will be installing a coolant filter as well. If I can avoid the full bullet proof I will. Since some of the usual problems are detectable I will be installing the EGT, oil and transmission temperature gauges.

My bus, like many others has a rear radiator heater that pumps coolant from the main coolant system to the rear of the bus and then uses fans to blow air across the small radiator to heat the passenger area. There are intake and return lines that run to the front and it looks like there is a pump that also runs to circulate the coolant to the back.

Would it be possible to use those lines as a secondary/supplemental cooling device?

I'm thinking that with some creative sheet metal work and insulation I could vent that excess heat without heating the cabin of the bus. Would an alternate radiator in it's place work better? Would this be an appropriate place to mount the coolant filter? The van front end doesn't leave much room up front.
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Full bullet-proof, a couple thousand bucks.

New engine, $25K +.

What are you saving by skimping? Your call.
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6.0, e450

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