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Re: Help with my Ford 370 Gas Engine

i would give a look at the enrichment valve on the carb it may ber sticking open , as you are at highway speed the vacuum is low this allows the valve to open and enrichen the mixture, when you let off the throttle the vac returns BUT the valve dosnt close, and all hell lets lose. this happend on every 350 winsor i have had with the 2 BBL carb
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Re: Help with my Ford 370 Gas Engine

On a little different subject when your Ford 370 was running good what kind of fuel mileage did you get?
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Re: Help with my Ford 370 Gas Engine

Originally Posted by talk2cfs
I have a 1989 Ford Carpenter B700 Bus. It has a Ford 370 Gas engine that has ran great and I have put about 10k miles on it in the last 12 months. On my last two trips I have been having a bit of a problem with the engine. It runs great until I am about 1/2 hour to an hour on the road and going about 60 mph + and need to let of the gas either coming off a hill or needing to slow down and it starts to back fire and spudder so bad that it will kill the engine and I need to put it in nuatral possition and re-start the engine and it starts right up and goes. This is getting frustrating. Some one told me they think it might be the vaccum advance on the ditributor or the wires in there. I have checked everything else and think it might be just that. Any ideas??? Never had an engine do this at that speed or to that extreme that it kills the engine. Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Sorry this may be way late, but I had a similar (actually, more acute) problem with my '79 Ford B600 Shorty Bus with a 370 engine.

On my first long trip the engine ended up dying every time it got hot. Thought it was fuel at first but finally found that it was loose connections at the ignition coil. The connector to the coil was supposed to have this little u shaped doohicky that held the ignition wires firmly on the coil connectors...apparently the previous owner had replaced this at some point with two quick connect terminals which would come loose once the engine got hot. Ended up having the bus towed three times and replaced the ignition coil before we figured it out.

If you haven't already solved this problem, I hope this helps.

-Chef Juke
-Chef Juke
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